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Odesa Seaport

Odesa Seaport

Odesa is considered to be the pearl of the Black Sea Coast and its rich history is directly connected with the history of the seaport, which construction was initiated by the Empress Catherine II, who in 1794 ordered to arrange a merchant's wharf and military harbour on the place, where an old city Khadzhybey used to be.


In 1802 lieutenant-general de Richelieu was appointed the governor of New Russia and under his guidance the building of the Odesa Seaport moved forward at a fast pace. The Admiral's and Merchant's wharves were built on the embankment. Later the Quarantine Harbour was constructed, which aimed to facilitate not only the ships’ arrival in the port, but also their stay in winter. Due to the development of trade, Odesa has become a major business centre.


During the Crimean War in 1854 and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the port has been repeatedly bombarded and suffered considerable damage. However, thanks to the hard dedicated work of Odesa citizens it was completely rebuilt.


Today the Odesa Seaport is a major international trading centre and a unique place of interest, which attracts tourists from different countries. This sea port is also well known due to the only one European Maritime Gallery, located on the coast. Its exhibition area occupies more than one square kilometre. Various international exhibitions and fairs are held on the territory of the port. It will be particularly interesting for those who are fond of art, because they can see works of many sculptors and painters on the square and in the showrooms. Marine art, drawings and paintings are worth your attention. Equipped according to all modern requirements yacht club offers its services for those who like romantic sea trips. Different entertainments, including various concerts and cultural programs are often organised on the territory of the port and its establishments.


You are well advised to visit St Mykolai of Myra Church located at the end of the moorings next to yacht club. This beautiful church was built in honour of the patron of sailors and travellers.


The real symbol of Odesa is the Monument to Sailor's Wife, known in Ukraine as “Druzhyna Moriaka”, which can be noted by you on the sea port. Made of bronze sailor’s wife with a baby in her arms greets ships coming into port. Tourists on the ships wave her and make wishes.


Come to Odesa, and you’ll have an opportunity to feel its unique atmosphere and romance of the coast, feel all the beauty and magnitude of the Odesa Seaport.

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