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The National Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The National Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

In 1966, in Kiev opened National Museum of Natural Sciences of Ukraine. The establishment is about 30 000 different items. This is one of the largest museums not only in Ukraine but also the world. Here you will learn:

  • interesting facts about the history of the origin of life on our planet;
  • secrets of flora and fauna Ukraine and not only;
  • exhibits of rare plants and animals, including the huge club mosses - is an evergreen herb, whose age exceeds 300 million years;
  • the unique paleontological museum exhibits, among which stands out the skeleton of sea cows;
  • the culture of the peoples and tribes that still lived in Ukraine, and more.

Expositions Museum of Natural History in Kiev

This museum, which has become one of the largest exposition-territorial complexes in the world, united several museums. Survey they should from the first floor, where the Archaeological Museum.

But we suggest to allocate time and visit the museum each separately because so many exhibits that day you will not be enough to see everything.

Archaeological Museum

On the area of ​​500 square meters located four halls where visitors are presented 7000 exhibits. It showcased the main stages of development and formation of mankind. The oldest instrument still used 8000 years ago.

The pride of the department were tools and ceremonial things Bronze Age. Special interest tourists cause painted bones that were used as musical instruments belonging to the era Parking Mizyn.

Geological Museum

Geological department appeared in 1927. Its exhibits the 7 rooms in which there are more than 50 thousand samples of minerals, rocks and various minerals. Also in this section you can see the processes influencing the appearance of the Earth.

Paleontological Museum

In 1935, Academician VI Pidoplichko founded paleontological exhibition at the Zoological Museum, it was the beginning of a whole department, which now has more than 2000 unique exhibits.

It shows how animals and plants have evolved on our planet.

Zoological Museum

This department is the first in the National Museum. It was opened in 1919. Here you can see numerous exhibits different species of fish, butterflies, famous lizard tuataru with a third eye, a large number of animals, birds and insects.

Botanical Museum

On the fourth floor is the Botanical Museum, which features more than 4,000 exhibits. The staff developed original form Plant Conservation - is drying. With it manages to keep the original appearance of many species of flora.

Every single museum presents a great interest for the citizens of our country and for its guests. A united under one name National Museum, they were proud of Ukraine. Many scientists have devoted all his life to collect collections that now every day attract thousands of visitors.

The perfect location in the heart of Kyiv attracts large number of visitors among visitors and tourists. With bright and colorful design exhibitions, the National Museum is known in many countries.

Getting to the Museum of Sciences of Ukraine

In walking distance proximity to the museum, which is located on the street B. Khmelnitsky, house number 15 are two stations Kiev Metro "Theatre" and "Golden Gate".

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