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Family Club Shalom Baby

Family Club Shalom Baby

Family Club «! Shalom baby» - is a system of education and training, which is based on the achievements of world culture, it is a technique that open to children the best features of the Jewish people: curiosity, mental alertness and exceptional intelligence.

Classes at Shalom baby held in several groups:

  • integrated development group for children from 2 to 6 years;
  • Group training school for children from 5 to 7 years;
  • Trainings of personal growth for children from 8 to 13 years;
  • Day care center;
  • Sunday family sessions.

Shalom baby - it`s all in one in his indefatigable curiosity of children always want to do everything at once and at the same time!. You do not have to drive the child into numerous sections and on different courses, located in different parts of the city.

Shalom baby offers many electives Sports: aikido, dance, capoeira, yoga. Arts: Theater, singing, playing guitar, drawing, multstudiya. Useful skills: speed reading, eidetic, the early development of the group, foreign languages, public speaking, school of good manners. Specialized counseling, child and family psychologist, a speech therapist.

Organizes and conducts:

  • Children`s birthday parties;
  • Themed holidays;
  • Master-classes of different directions;
  • Chemical shows;
  • Scientific experiments.

Shalom baby - is a lesson in comfort Particular attention is paid to comfort and safety of pupils!. Classes are held both indoors and outdoors: on the territory of the club is equipped with outdoor enclosed terrace. The school has modern teaching equipment and surveillance cameras that will allow at any time to see your child in the distance.


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