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Basalt Columns Geological Reserve

Basalt Columns Geological Reserve

Nature can hit unique creations, which can match the skill of the architect. Monumental and majestic rows of basalt columns look-polyhedra in the geological reserve "Basalt columns."

The height of these pillars, columns sometimes reaches 30 m, and thickness - 1.2 m. Nature has presented to human eyes and unparalleled basalt sculpture of a fan. This austere beauty and distinctive philosophical, peace underscores the crystal clear water.

See the wonder of nature is possible in the Rivne region in Kostopil area. The reserve is based on the Ivano-Dolinskogo basalt deposits. Deep lakes, giving the unique beauty of this place - in fact flooded career. There is also an acting career, which are mined basalt. In the reserve there are minerals

  • adularia,
  • chlorite
  • quartz,
  • chalcedony,
  • Hematite and others.

The uniqueness of the "basalt pillars"

Geological reserve with basalt columns in many ways is a unique creation of nature on the territory of Ukraine can not be found anywhere else such formations. What basalt preserved in such a clear and geometrically correct poles in itself a unique phenomenon. In addition, the scientists also explained that she is a basalt rock mining and has a magmatic origin, in this case, basalt columns are on the flat territory.

The reserve "Basalt columns" took part in the famous competition "7 Wonders of Ukraine" and entered his final.

Basalt columns can be seen at the place of their birth, which covers an area of ​​0.8 hectares. Sami basalt columns stretched by about 320 meters. If you look closely at one of these columns in the section, you can see that it has the shape of regular polygons. The number of sides varies from four to seven.

Previously, there had been a career, some still active, but there is already flooded. The water in it has a bright turquoise color. By the way, in the midst of a lake is a small island, it is also called "the island of love."

How to get to the reserve "Basalt columns"

The reserve "Basalt columns" is located 350 km from Kiev . To get there from the capital, you can go to public or private transport. If you choose your own car, it is necessary to go on the highway M06 on the Zhitomir . Before reaching Zhitomir, take the E40 highway in the Rivne . Then again before reaching the city, turn onto the road P05 Sarni. Along the way, before reaching Kostopil, turn left towards the village Lesopolye, and then in Berestovets. Basalt columns are from the last village 15 km. Then we reach the village of Basalt and follow the signs to the reserve.

Public transport needs to get to the city of Rivne and Klevan. From Rovno go to Basalt and of Klevan - in Zlazne. If you find yourself in the latter village, until the reserve is required to walk about 2 km.

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