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Lutsk Art Gallery

Lutsk Art Gallery

Recently in Lutsk there was one   interesting place where you can spend your time culturally. Art Gallery "Art Department" was launched April 23, 2014.

This new gallery is designed to familiarize people with   contemporary art education aesthetic taste Ukrainians. In "Art department" represents the brightest creative achievements masters from around the world of the 20th century. Through various perfromansy, installation and copyrights projects gallery introduces visitors to the unconventional, far from classics creativity. In many works of topical issues raised in Ukraine and humanity as a whole. Some installation immediately apparent, it is necessary to think over the other, I wanted to convey to us the artist.

"Art Department" conducts regular   master classes and lectures   for those who want to get closer to the world of art. To cooperate invited eminent masters from other countries. Later gallery plans to expand its scope by opening the hall of interactive art. So, for all fans of contemporary art opens wide the door gallery in Lutsk.

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