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Exhibition center "Kozak-Palace"

Exhibition center

Construction and opening in spring 2009, the exhibition center "Kozak-Palace" in Zaporozhye was undoubtedly an outstanding event for the local business elite and simple business. But beyond this, the exhibition center has become a kind of landmark in the city, their appearance emphasizing compliance with the new time.

The interior of the hall

The building with an internal ceiling height of 12 m is intended for exhibitions, conferences, forums and concerts. The exhibition center boasts 4,200 square meters of internal space. m. and external - 5000 square meters. m.

Inside there are two conference rooms equipped with all necessary equipment and designed for 250 and 80 people.

How to get to the center "Kozak-Palace"

Find exhibition center is quite simple, it is in the center of Zaporozhye, in the street of the Victory, the house number 70-B.

For visitors to the railway station Zaporizhzhya-1 or suitable bus shuttle bus number 14, 67, 99. From the station Zaporozhye-2 is a bus № 92. Leaving need to stop "Kozak-Palace".


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