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Waterpark "Aquarius", Nikolaev


Waterpark "Aquarius" - a complex, designed for water sports and recreation for all citizens and visitors alike. It is located in the southern part of Nikolaev . Grand opening of the water park was held in 1997, it was then that he took the first visitors. Works Park year round, so you can relax here at any time convenient for tourists.

The water park operates several pools, which have a different purpose. The largest swimming pool - sports, it reaches a depth of 2.3 meters, it is divided into 8 lanes, is used for all sorts of events. Capacity crowd of 550 seats. Bath attractions - the best place for leisure visitors of the park, its depth is 1.3 m, equipped with a variety of high-speed slides, waterfalls and hot tubs. Bath jumping equipped for training athletes synchronized swimming and diving. Separately, a swimming pool for children, water temperature there is 32 degrees, then the coach spend swimming lessons for children from 9 months to 8 years. All pools of the complex used the European system of water purification.

Also for visitors of the water park are available sauna, gym and a restaurant. The organization of celebrations and corporate events.

"Aquarius" awarded Best places for recreation and sports, takes 7th place in the world. Waterpark was awarded with diplomas and marks of distinction in international sports organizations and committees.

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