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Mykolaiv, Mykolaiv region

Nikolaev is located in southern Ukraine, on a small peninsula on the river Southern Bug and Ingul. This is a major sea and river port, having access to the Black Sea. City called the cradle of the Black Sea Fleet. 

Nikolaev was founded in 1789 as a shipbuilding shipyard, and later the central management of the Black Sea Fleet. Therefore not surprising that many people call this city history museum Ukrainian shipbuilding under the open sky. 

Arriving in Nikolaev in the first place is worth to visit the most popular place of recreation for residents and visitors alike - Bunker Boulevard. It is a picturesque and cozy pedestrian promenade by the river Inhul. There are monuments to the city's founder Grigory Potemkin, the construction manager Michael Faleyev shipyards and the famous naval commander Sergei Makarov. You will have a view of the two sliding bridge and ancient building of the yacht club. To get to the Bunker Boulevard Nikolaeva, to take the bus number 54 on the street Chigirina, which is two blocks from the train station. On this bus should go to stop "Admiral Street." 

After admiring Nikolaev boulevard, head straight on Quay Street. Here you will see a complex of buildings of the Admiralty: Staroflotskie barracks, shipyard and men's gymnasium. Admiralty building you can find on the high spire. It is located at the intersection of Gardening and Admiralskaya streets. Further away Staroflotskie barracks. They were built in a classic style in the mid 19th century and designed for sailors, naval crews. Now these buildings resettled Museum, which exhibits make unique objects found in the territory of the Black Sea. Interest objects found during excavations of ancient Olbia. 

Admiralskaya on the street, 4 you will be able to visit the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet and the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet. Here you will learn about the development of shipbuilding in the Northern Black Sea from the most ancient times to the present day. The museum features antique maps, fragments of old ships, model ships first, a collection of old weapons. Nearby is the diorama "Construction of the first sailing ships to Mykolayiv Admiralty." The museum can be reached by walking down the street on the Waterfront Akim, then you will need to take the trolley bus number 4 or number 40 bus. 

After visiting the museum, go to the beginning Admiralskaya street where it intersects with the Artillery. There you will see another architectural landmark Nikolaeva, which dates from 1824. This building naval officers, which also is a fine example of classic style. 

Besides shipbuilding, Nikolaev actively develops and spiritual life. The city is named in honor of St. Nicholas, and it is not surprising that in Nikolaev built many religious buildings, named in honor of the saint. In the center of the street Faleevska you can visit the St. Nicholas cathedral church and visit the chapel of St. Nicholas, which is located on Lenin Square on the former site of the Cathedral of the Admiralty. 

In the city of Nikolaev are also two cathedrals - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kasperovskaya and Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Most revered temple of the Black Sea is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kasperovskaya. The temple has seven domes, which represent seven sacraments. The Cathedral is located on the tree-lined street of the city - garden. Definitely worth a visit and in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. It is the oldest of the existing religious buildings, built in 1800. Ringing a huge 8-ton bell he begins his daily morning service. To him you can get from the center to the trolley number 6, need to get out at the stop "Sovetskaya Street." 

Also Orthodox churches in Odessa, you will see and Catholic shrines. Catholic church of St. Joseph stands out spectacularly Soviet architectural structures Nikolaev. Here you can attend a concert of organ music, and in the temple courtyard to admire the collection of stone sculptures.Tram number 3 you get from street to street Soviet Decembrists on which the church.

Mykolaiv city - a great place for family holidays. For kids there is a large playground built called "Fairy Tale". It is like a small town, which collects cartoon characters and folklore. There are castles, swings and various attractions. "Fairy Tale" is located near the center of the street Decembrists. You can also visit Nikolaev Zoo, which is part of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It contains a wide variety of species of animals, birds, reptiles, butterflies, including the survivor - 60-year-old crocodile. The zoo is located on the square Leontovich. In the city of Nikolayev can also visit the water park - one of the first in the country, based on outdoor water sports complex. Riding high and steep slides this entertainment complex will bring the most vivid and memorable. To the center of the water park can be reached by taxi number 1 or number 52. 

Although the city was founded Nikolayev no more 250 years ago, on its territory remained traces of settlement of ancient peoples - the Cimmerians, who lived here in the 12th century BC. At the confluence of the Southern Buh and Inhul Quay Street in the early settlement is "Wild Garden". It still ongoing archaeological excavations. In addition, on the outskirts of the ruins of Nikolaev another ancient settlement called Olbia. This city founded by Greek settlers in the 6th century BC. Now here created historical and archaeological museum, where you will see the strengthening of Olbia preserved ruins of ancient temples, graves and building foundations. To get to the reserve, you need to catch a taxi in Parutino that is sent with Nicholas bus. 

Familiarity with the city Nikolaev will bring you a good mood and a lot of positive emotions! 

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Дорогами Кінбурнської коси
Впродовж подорожі туристи матимуть змогу відвідати національний природний парк «Білобережжя Святослава», який знаходиться на території Миколаївської області. Парк має пляжі довжиною до 20 км. Місцевість півострову вражає своїм історичним минулим. Тут розташовуються археологічні пам’ятки різних епох, а також ті, які пов’язані з козацьким минулим. Маршрути для туристів мають екологічно-освітній напрямок. Під час прогулянки можна помилуватися красою природи, а також зануритись у далекі часи та відчути вир подій, що мали місце на цій території.
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