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Mezin site

Mezin site

Mezynska parking in Mezyni , housing primitive people recognized textbook in the world due to historical science discoveries in the area. Large settlements of ancient people of the late Paleolithic archaeological site, whose age reaches 20 thousand years.

History Mezynskoyi Parking

In Chernihiv man first appeared about 150,000 years ago. The most interesting monuments of the Stone Age is unique prehistoric humans of Upper Paleolithic, discovered in 1908 near the village Mezyn, Desna River, south of the city of Novgorod-Seversky.

In 1912 at the International Congress of anthropologists and archaeologists in Geneva Ukrainian scientist Theodore Wolf presented the results of research Mezynskoyi parking. So the science world learned of the existence of the most original culture that existed on the territory of Ukraine in the period from 17 to 10 thousand years BC.

Today has Parking on site is based on the initiative of local lore in 1965 Mezynskyy Archaeological Research Museum of VE Kurylenko. The museum is located on the site of archaeological excavations in the 18th century wooden building.

Archaeological finds

Here were found thousands of flint products:

  • various cutters;
  • scrapers;
  • prokolky;
  • arrowheads;
  • products made of mammoth tusks, bracelets etc., decorated with different complex geometric designs, including designs perfect square wave.

A similar pattern through thousands of years to become one of the most popular ornamental motifs of many civilizations of Europe, Asia and America. Parking on site were found among the first in the history of mankind percussion musical instruments made from sea shells and bones of mammoths. Unique sculptural figurines of mammoth ivory - stylized female figurines and animal figurines coated meander - scientists believe ancient prototypes of toys.

Findings on site parking to restore the look of ancient human habitation, which is constructed of mammoth bones, stones, wood, poles and animal skins - it is very similar to modern yarangas and plague of the North.

Differences only two important detail - our ancestors as main supporting structures mainly used mammoth bones and did so almost 20 thousand years ago. Scientists estimate that the construction of a housing mezynskoho used about 300 animal bones.

Feature pattern

Advanced ornament which decorated products, may be an ancient calendar. Drawing on the bracelet has 5 zones. Three areas made two meander - zigzags. In areas 30 meanders. Each consists of 12 lines. Altogether there are 360 ​​of these lines. For comparison, in ancient Egypt, priests divided the year into 12 months of 30 days. Was added to it 5 days in memory of the dead.

How to get there

Mezynska parking is on the street Shumeykovka on Siversky in the village Mezyn Korop district. A settlement is T2539 line, which stretches from highway R12. The village is surrounded on all sides by forest.

Museum Hours: 8:00 to 17:00.

Phone: +38 (04656) 3-58-17.


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