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Memorial Museum of Nicholas Kibalchicha

Memorial Museum of Nicholas Kibalchicha

Nicholas Memorial Museum Kibalchicha in Koropi opened through the couple of artists Helena Lucas and Nicholas Gara-Zhuk, who lived in the postwar period in the village. They are the authors of the idea of ​​the memorial museum in the restored building Kibalchich.

History museum

Memorial Museum NI Kibalchicha opened January 20, 1960. Located in a renovated family house Kibalchicha.

Nikolai Kibalchich - Inventor project the world`s first jet unit, designed for manned flights. The uniqueness and singularity of his invention is the conditions in which Kibalchich worked. For participation in the murder of Russian Tsar Alexander II he was in prison. On the wall of the prison cell scientist drew a button design.

Exposure Memorial Museum

The exhibition tells visitors about the life and work of the inventor. Placed exhibits in two rooms.

1. The first tells about his childhood and youth participation in the attempt on the king, work on the project of the aircraft.

2. The second refers to the activities in the field of astronautics. Here are:

  • Photo astronauts alumni Chernihiv military school;
  • food astronauts;
  • earth from Baikonur;
  • stamps and badges.

Covers of the first cosmonaut Ukraine - Leonid K. Kadenyuk.

How to get there

Kibalchicha Nicholas Memorial Museum is located on the same street urban village Carp Chernigov region. Nearby is Assumption and Feodosiyivska church. Nearby is the route T2516. The museum is not difficult to find, it is located near the center of the settlement.

Hours: open from 8:00 to 17:00, lasts an hour break from 13:00. Off - Monday and Tuesday.

Ticket price: entrance - UAH 5 adults, 2 kids UAH. Excursions 10 USD to 10 people, more - 20 UAH.

Phone: +38 (04656) 2-17-07.

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