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Vasiutyntsi Dendrological Park

Vasiutyntsi Dendrological Park

The idea to draw a garden in the village Vasyutyntsi appeared in 1977, when a vacant lot near the newly built farm office looked especially inappropriate. With a request to arrange a running area turned to a former biology teacher there the school. So pensioner John Sivolap got down to the park, which spent the next thirty-five years of life. Finding plants for your garden John Philipp started to visit other parks, botanical gardens and greenhouses.

Today the arboretum has about 250 species of herbaceous plants and more than 300 species of trees and shrubs. Among the plants listed in the Red Book grow here, yew, Taxus cuspidata, perehresnoparna microbiota, Hazel Tree, cotoneaster brilliant and others.

In addition to native plants and exotic species - plants grown in soil outside their natural range of distribution, are also available, and even exotic relic species. Such richness and diversity of vegetation makes Vasyutinskii park one of the most attractive sights of Cherkasy region.

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