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Church of Saints Myrrh Myronosets, Bolekhiv

Church of Saints Myrrh Myronosets, Bolekhiv

The city Bolekhiv   is the church of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers, built in 1906. Originally, this place was a wooden church, which had the same name. According to the researchers, the ancient church was built in the 17th century. The new church was rebuilt in natural stone. Large-scale construction and restoration work was carried out in 1793 and 1868. The erection of a new church was engaged priest Ivan Ozarkevich, who came to the city in 1884.

In 1909 the building of the new church was consecrated by Metropolitan Sheptytsky. In Soviet times, the church was not working and was closed to worshipers and tourists. In spring 2009, to celebrate the centennial of the church, the Church of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women gained the status of a cathedral. Today she works in normal mode and its doors are always wide open for believers and tourists.   The Church is the main church of the city and the pride of the Carpathian region.

Church of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers built trehkupolnoy, one of the domes is large, and the other two - a little smaller and are absolutely identical to each other. Church windows are made elongated arch shape, which gives them a delicacy. To the right of the main entrance to the church is quite large chapel built in the same style as the temple. Outside the church has a gray color that is characteristic of stone buildings, and its main entrance is decorated with three paintings painted icons. Their bright colors stand out against the gray and conspicuous before the approach to the temple. Dome of the Church also have unusual color: the upper part of each of the domes painted in blue, and the bottom - gold. The area around the church surrounded by a fence, and in its courtyard are growing ornamental plants and trees.

Church of the Holy Myrrh-Bearers in Bolekhiv has the status of an architectural monument of local importance.


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