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City History Museum, Coloma

City History Museum, Coloma

Coloma - one of the oldest cities in Ukraine with remarkable architecture and rich folk art. Its rich heritage is widely represented in the Museum of the city`s history. Here are the first historical mention of the city, documents, things of everyday citizens, photos. Collected artifacts enable trace the varied history of the city - is the story of German colonies in Coloma; history of the city government; Coloma and the Habsburgs; economy and trade of the city; education of citizens; History of the Jewish community, and more. Total there are 18 exhibition halls. The museum is housed in the former povet Council, where he was, the interior of 19-20 centuries, and located on the street Shukhevich.

Impossible not to mention one more attractions Coloma - Eggs Museum , the only one of its kind. The external appearance of the museum was the hallmark of the city. No less interesting is the Museum of Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttya , where a unique exhibition of pieces of folk art.

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