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Sports School Chestnut

Sports School Chestnut

Sports School "Chestnut" in Kiev - is the most popular place of learning winter sports, located in the open air and the great outdoors in the heart of the capital.

For the safety of all students at the school have a separate track on which the descent does not threaten the health of students. Its length is 150 meters, a small angle of rotation, as well as special   lift. He smoothly transports skiers to the highest point of descent. lift system tows (ie. e. raising with soft ropes). Altitude training track is not more than 70 meters. On top of wanting to have a coffee shop and a place for recreation.

Members of the school can purchase any equipment rental and purchase it in a special shop "Chestnut", which is included in the service delivery in Kiev.

During the summer, ski school operates in the usual mode, at the Park of Friendship of Peoples (X-Park). A distinctive feature of the center is the availability of training practices   Tourism, which are already provided for travel abroad (tours to resorts in Austria, Switzerland, Italy). Also, there is a summer recreation   camp "Chestnut", located in Kiev and in the Carpathians.

After the visit, you can visit the ski school located near the exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza" , or walk along the scenic trails of the island Trukhanovskii.

To get to school, you need to know only a few reference points: the sports complex "Olympic" and metro station "National Stadium". Trolleybus route №40 will lead to the street Protasov Yar, which is a ski center with a variety of slopes and winter activities, working even at night. There is year-round open school "Chestnut", designed for children and adults who wish to obtain qualified training ski sports.

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