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The former estates in Domanivka

The former estates in Domanivka

It is interesting to spend the day, you can not just in major cities. Small towns also boast a fascinating place.

For example, the village Domanevka in the Mykolaiv region is famous for its historical past. One of the favorite destinations of tourists - the former manor house, which is located on the outskirts of the village. The building appeared here in the 19th century. More exact date is unknown. Also unknown owners of the estate. There are several versions that are better to listen to by the residents themselves Domanevka.

The estate has a modest appearance, but it evokes a reliable family nest. This one-storey building with residential attics and basements roomy. Give a special charm to the construction of arched windows. At the moment, the building acts as an administrative. Old Odessa road - another place worth your attention Domanevka.

To see these monuments should take any bus from Nikolaev, which should be through the village.

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