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Sculpture of Peter and Gavrik

Sculpture of Peter and Gavrik

One of the most sentimental sculptures of Odessa is considered the bronze composition "Peter and the Gavrik" - the main characters of the famous novel by Valentin Kataev "Lone White Sail". Figure fountain was installed in 1988, a famous sculptor Nikolai Stepanov on the area of ​​Vera Cold.

History of sculpture

The action of the novel takes place in the early 20th century, it follows the adventures of two friends - schoolboy Peter and the fisherman`s son Gavrik - guys that nothing could stop on the way to the exploits. Children dream, talk about life, sitting on the beach. The story is imbued with lyricism and heroism, from it we can learn a lot about the life on the streets of Odessa. The plot of the book is so interesting that it has become a favorite for many children.


For the image of the bronze sculptor friends posed for his two sons, as well as the neighbor`s children, the brothers often replaced Stepanovs. Heroes composition dressed quite simply, shorts, pants and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The sculptor sought to ensure that Odessans can recognize themselves in the characters, their features, to remember my childhood, past picturesque local streets, near the shore of the Black Sea.

Nearby Attractions

Not far from the statue (200-250 m) are the Odessa Russian Drama Theatre and Youth Theatre on the street. Greek, 48, 50.

Getting there

To see the sculpture, you can take a walk on the Cathedral Square of the Transfiguration of the street, 20-30 meters on the right side in front of you will appear inseparable friends on the ball.

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