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Nudist beach at Mitnica, Cherkassy

Nudist beach at Mitnica, Cherkassy

Nudist beach at Mitnica is located in the city of Cherkassy . This area is located in close proximity to the Dnieper River. There are city beaches, among them there is also a beach for nudists or naturists.

In the city of Cherkassy can be found two places where there is free access for the rest of nudists or naturists. It is a beach at Mitnica area between the beach and the "Riviera" and Mitnica. If to speak about the first variant (Mitnica), the beach is on the island, which is located near the yellow house. It is easy to find. Nudists who want to get to the beach, learn about the collection of the site "Vkontake" or call up on the phone. In the social network, there are two groups associated with recreation on the nudist beaches of Cherkasy "Cherkasy Naturism", the second group is called "Nude beach, Cherkassy, ​​Mitnica." This is where you can find a lot of information about the rest of Mitnica, fees for recreation, campers themselves and so on. To get to these groups is not easy enough, here acts face control in order to avoid unnecessary problems and provocations. Usually on the beach at Mitnica fans are going to rest in a natural way on Sundays.

If we talk about the second beach, naturists have a rest there on weekdays, some even have time after work to come and soak up the sun, enjoy the unity with nature. In our country this kind, or a way to spend free time is not yet very popular, although nudist beaches can be found in many cities of Ukraine. Everyone who likes to tan and unity with nature without clothes, can always come to these places and meet like-minded people.

How to get to the nudist beach at Mitnica in Cherkassy

To get to the beach on Mitnica, the bus station can be reached Cherkasy Smilyanskaya the street, avenue of Chemists, the street V. Chornovil, Vatutin. You can also take public transportation №28, then transfer to №20, a first in the number 24, and then to № 33. The distance is about 9 km.

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