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Popular karaoke songs in different countries


We are glad to present you our TOP-10 trendy karaoke-songs in 2019. Select any of the titles presented, or give preference to a tune from the collection of karaoke-tunes list by Studio Evolution and unforgettable time for you and your friends is guaranteed.

  • 7 Rings by Ariana Grande
  • Break Up With Your Girlfriend by Ariana Grande
  • Show Me Love by Alicia Keys, Miguel
  • Dancing with a Stranger by Sam Smith, Normani
  • South of the Border by Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello
  • How Do You Sleep? by Sam Smith
  • Señorita by Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello
  • I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber
  • Press by Cardi B
  • Trampoline by SHAED, ZAYN

Creativity And Fun

Thanks to the Studio Evolution’s largest collection of karaoke-songs, everyone will surely find the beloved titles for guests or family member. Alongside with hits and well-liked tracks for the duet, the catalog has a large number of children's songs, rock compositions, soundtracks, and much more.

Amusement And Stress-Relief

Karaoke encourages not only children but also grown-ups to uncover vocal skills and defeat the fear of performances, because the excitement and tranquility that you experience while performing your favored melodies surrounded by the home atmosphere is simply incomparable.

Leisure And Friendship

Certainly, with the help of such advanced devices, it is not a problem to delight your guests or beloved people thanks to a huge collection of pro melodies for karaoke, high-quality records of performances, and highest quality video and audio. Anyone can choose a song for the impressive show to spend unforgettable time together with friends.

Taking into account all the benefits that such a karaoke machine is equipped with, it could be one of the most desirable Christmas gifts. Moreover, such a system with karaoke is a rather unusual and original present for any event. It will surely make everyone fall in love with it.

Karaoke EVOBOX System Review

Choosing a system with karaoke wisely

For karaoke enthusiast that will use the system regularly, the greatest decision would be professional models that are used both in regular clubs or pubs and at home.

The most interesting, in our opinion, in this model sector, is the EVOBOX karaoke system.

EVOBOX is a new karaoke system for the home. The functionality of these best professional karaoke machines impress with some new effects of the live show, an ability to obtain your favorite karaoke melodies, not to mention the silent operation of the devices.

New Colors

The surface of the case is anodized in one of four shades: graphite, black, ocean, or silver. Select the EVOBOX karaoke system’s color you like!

Unique Design

The EVOBOX main part of the case is made of aircraft aluminum. It is a unique alloy that is used in aircraft and space engineering.

Milling the body from a single bar of aluminum followed by anodizing performs the EVOBOX layout truly remarkable and unique.

4K Karaoke System

Thanks to the support of the HDMI 2.0 standard, you can rejoice in the most vibrant, precise and contrast image on your TV.

The picture in Ultra HD 4K 60FPS can surprise you with its incredible realism in details.


LiveFX is an absolutely new karaoke product for artists. LiveFX is designed individually for each song to spread the effect of presence and the atmosphere of the show.

Feel yourself on the stage of the live show, and let your numerous fans cheer if not tune with you.

The best hits with karaoke already in EVOBOX

This incomparable system has previously preloaded 2,000 popular songs.

Additionally, there is a possibility to obtain 100 free songs up to your choice from the Studio Evolution’s catalog.

If you feel that the initially installed titles do not satisfy you, feel free to get any other songs whenever you want. The catalog of Studio Evolution is updated weekly and can boast of thousands of tracks in fourteen languages of the world.

Smart Control

Managing the EVOBOX karaoke system is convenient and easy-to-use. The most advanced Bluetooth remote control with full-size function keys and console allows you to get access to the karaoke system’s settings instantly. For device enthusiasts, specific apps have been developed for controlling EVOBOX from your mobile gadget like smartphones or tablets.

You can easily make a record of your performance in studio quality via one touch of a button.

You can cope saved recordings to a USB-drive or instantly share them with friends and relatives (via instant messengers, social networks) in the EvoNet application in your smartphones.


Are you unsure in your singing talents, but adore karaoke and karaoke clubs? Do you seriously study vocals and need karaoke systems that allow you to hear yourself through the speakers, practicing every free moment? Looking for Christmas presents? How about creating professional karaoke not in the club, but right in your home, in mild home conditions? Just attach your expert karaoke devices to your home system and increasing the speakers. Connected home theater and karaoke system can provide you with a possibility to free your dreams and chances.

The karaoke device permits you to get pleasure in singing whenever you want and at any occasion possible just turning on the home theater and connecting the speakers. Have you ever thought of starting your morning with karaoke to recharge with the drive for a working day? You can sing karaoke with friends at home, and there is no need to book a table at a karaoke club and waiting for your turn to the mike for hours. Thanks to the home karaoke device your desired pastime has become available without any discomfort. Practice your singing skills out of the club mastering your karaoke system and learning the pleasures of such a karaoke lounge!

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