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19 places to visit in Lviv


For many years the western tourist capital of Ukraine – Lviv – has been a welcoming place for guests from different parts of the country and from abroad. It seems that every house, quarter, alley in the city breathes history. They cherish the memory of what happened many centuries ago. This creates a unique charm that is admired by tourists right away, after they have barely stepped on the land of Lviv.

It is difficult to even imagine that there is someone who did not have time to visit this wonderful city. But in fact there are a lot of people who are just going to visit Lviv, and they don’t know what they should see here.

On Rynok Square. Author of the photo: Torshyn Vitaliy IGotoWorld Photo Group.

IGotoWorld.com website has selected a list of places that every tourist should visit when they get to Lviv. We begin our virtual journey, which can be realized in real life. The only thing you need is desire!

Rynok Square and Lviv City Hall

Rynok Square is the most famous square of Lviv. It is located in the centre, in the old part of the city. There is a lot to see, because the local houses still remember the events of the past centuries. During the Middle Ages, only noblemen had the right to build on Rynok Square.

The first mention of the central city square dates back to the distant 13th century. For many centuries it has been the center of the city’s life. Cultural events, processions were organized here, and vegetables, fruits and flowers grown by local residents were sold on the market.

Rynok Square, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The refined streets of old Lviv are never empty. Life is in full swing everywhere – Lviv coffee houses are are filled with the coffee fragrance, tourists and Lviv residents enjoy their rest at the tables of street cafés. The special atmosphere of serenity can be felt in the air.

Café near Rynok Square. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Even nowadays Rynok Square has not lost its historical significance. In addition to cafés, shops and restaurants, you can see several buildings of the 16-17 centuries here.

The most famous architectural masterpieces on Rynok Square:

Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Lviv City Hall is also situated on the main square. And if you are in Lviv, you have to take a look at the central part of the city from the tower of the city hall. Lviv City Hall is the highest in Ukraine, its height is 65 meters. By the way, the building is an architectural monument and is protected not only by Ukraine, but also by UNESCO.

View from the Lviv City Hall. Photo source: livejournal.com, author – arttutorials.

Tourists can look at the city clock in the City Hall. This mechanism has been telling local time for several centuries. The interesting fact is that in the past only monks were allowed to look after city clock. It was believed that an evil spirit could posses them. And the monk was able to protect the clock, so that it will always show the exact time.

Interesting sights near Rynok Square

Several cozy and very interesting streets adjoin the central square of Lviv. You will find many unusual monuments here. Each of them is unusual and has its own history.

  • For example, from Staroyevreyska Street, you can turn into the courtyards and see the Beer belly, that is a sign for beer lovers, that everything is good in moderation.

Monument of the Beer belly, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

  • On Serbska Street (Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy is a guiding point on the square), at the entrance to an extraordinary, and therefore very popular "Masoch Café", the passersby will be faced with the sculpture of the most “indecent” Austrian writer. Not everyone will dare to visit the institution, but many want to take pictures with a monument of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

Monument to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

  • What else can we say about the street with several names! There is such an interesting tradition - to give Arkhivnaya street an additional name after the film festival. Each time a new tablet appears with the name of the person to whom it was dedicated.

The street with several names. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Visitors can easily find shelter on Rynok Square. You can choose one of the many hostels or hotels in Lviv, which are located in the heart of the city. 

How to get to Rynok Square: It takes about about 45 minutes walk from the train station or 30 minutes by tram № 1.

Cost: entrance to the City Hall building is free. If you want to go on the observation deck you have to pay 40 UAH.

GPS coordinates: 49.841563, 24.031582.

Opera and Ballet Theater named after Solomiya Krushelnytska

The first photo taken by tourists in Lviv is often against the background of the Opera Theater. The city owes this beautiful building to architect Zigmund Gorgolevsky. In the 19th century, this architect built many magnificent buildings in Poland and Germany.

Opera Theater, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The theater building has both an excellent interior and an impressive exterior.

Opera Theater, Lviv. Author of the photo: IGotoWorld Photo Group.

By the way, not only the hall for the audience is amazing, but also the vestibule, lobby. The walls of the theater are decorated with stucco and paintings. Therefore, one can come here not only to the premiere of a sensational performance, but also simply to admire the theater as a complete work of art.

Opera Theater, Lviv. Photo source: wikipedia.org, author – gusim.

Cost: during the tour you can observe the Opera Theater and it will cost 100 UAH.

How to get there: Lviv Opera House is located on Svobody Avenue, 28, a minute walk from the Rynok Square. The first tram will take you there.

GPS coordinates: 49.844224, 24.026191.

On Svobody Avenue in Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Horse riding near Lviv city

There is a little farm just 2km from Lviv, where you can feel the horses' spirit. We offer horse riding tours for people with different background experiences. To book a horse riding trip visit the link https://top.horseriding.lviv.ua/en. Please note that all bookings should be made in advance. All the horses in the riding club are well-kept and look very nice. They are also professionally trained, so it will be easy to try the horse riding journey even for beginners. Instructors will help you to find the common language with these wonderful animals. Horses can perform tricks (a rear, leg forward, lying down, and a bow), so you can also order a photoshoot. 

Armenian quarter

Lviv became a refuge for Armenians back in the 13th century. Expelled from their lands, they were forced to seek a new home. Armenian merchants and craftsmen were the first to arrive here. They settled compactly, so now all the sights, the appearance of which is connected with the Armenians, are concentrated on the Virmenska Street. Probably the most famous of them is the Armenian Cathedral, built in 1370.

Armenian Cathedral, Lviv. Photo source: ua.igotoworld.com.

In the Armenian quarter there are also many houses that were built several centuries ago:

And this is not a complete list. All these buildings are monuments of national importance.

Virmenska Street, Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

How to get there: The Armenian Quarter in Lviv is located along Virmenska Street, not far from Rynok Square and Svoboda Avenue. You can reach it by city buses № 25, 29 or 32 to the Opera House, then on foot.

GPS coordinates: 49.843290, 24.030834.

Potocki Palace

This beautiful building in the Classicism style was built in the 19th century. The famous Potocki family was the initiator of the palace creation. Earlier, on the site of the Potocki Palace, there was a small hunting house. But the family needed an exquisite place to receive distinguished guests. Nowadays in the palace you can see the collection of the Lviv Art Gallery. And next to it there is the Miniature Fortresses Park, it presents the fortresses and structures, made in the scale of 1:50.

Potocki Palace, Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The palace impresses with its elegance. The luxurious furnishings are preserved inside: stucco, gilding, marble. The Mirror Dance Hall is especially impressive for the guests. Participants of various special events, concerts and artistic presentations are often hosted here.

Potocki Palace, Lviv. Author photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Interesting fact: movie "D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers" was shot in the Potocki Palace. It was the residence of Captain de Treville.

Cost: the ticket price is 90 UAH for adults, 50 UAH for students, 20 UAH for children.

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 17:00.

How to get there: the Potocki Palace in Lviv is located on Kopernyka Street 15.

  • From the railway station you can get here on tram № 1 or № 10 to the stop Petro Doroshenko Street (7 minutes on the way), after this you have to walk about 400 meters.
  • From the bus station on the bus № 3A.

GPS coordinates: 49.838075, 24.026780.

Boim Chapel

The Chapel of the Boim Family was built in the 17th century on the site of the old cemetery. It became the tomb of the ancient Hungarian family Boim. There is no definite information about who designed this genuine work of art. However, experts compare the Lviv chapel with the tomb in the Krakow Wawel. There are no more analogs of the Boim Chapel in Europe.

Chapel of the Boim Family, Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

In the 18th century, burials from the tomb were transferred to the local cemetery. And the building itself has become public domain. In 1968, the chapel was made into a department of the Boris Voznytsky National Art Gallery of Lviv. Since then, everyone can see a very beautiful sacral structure, not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Chapel of the Boim Family, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

It is quite easy to recognize this structure even from a distance. In addition to the almost black façade, it stands out with the sculpture of Jesus Christ on the dome. Interesting fact is that, Jesus is depicted sitting, with a hand holding his head. This is a rather unusual version of the sculpture of the Son of God.

Cost: 30 UAH, as part of a group excursion – 60 UAH. Cost may vary.

Opening hours: daily, except Mondays, from 10:00 to 19:00.

How to get there: the Boim Chapel in Lviv is located at Katedralna Street 1. From the train station, you need to take the tram № 1 to Rynok Square stop, then walk for about one minute.

GPS coordinates: 49.840808, 24.031062.

Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle) Hill

Being in Lviv and not visiting the Lviv Castle Hill is like being in Kyiv, and not even getting a glimpse of Khreshchatyk. It is the highest point of Lviv. The height of the hill is 413 meters. Once upon a time, a castle stood on it. Building up of the mountain began in the 13th century. When the castle was rebuilt and it became clearly visible from the surrounding areas, they began to call the hill Zamok, or High Castle.

High Castle Hill, Lviv. Photo source: lopatyuk.com.ua.

In the 17th century, Swedish troops passed through Lviv and attacked the stronghold. Since then, the castle began to collapse. And, unfortunately, century after century, nobody took on its preservation. They laid the streets with stones from the hill, dismantled defenses to build houses in the city. Currently, only a small wall remained of the castle fortifications. And the Castle Hill has become one of the most favorite viewing platforms.

How to get there: it is easy to spot Castle Hill in Lviv. The high spire of the tower can be your guiding point. The hill can be reached from the center, from Rynok Square up past the Gunpowder Tower, along Maksym Krivonos Street.

GPS coordinates: 49.848510, 24.039254.

Pharmacy Museum “Under the Black Eagle”

Over the past few years a bunch of new tourist sights appeared in Lviv, but the Pharmacy Museum has long been famous as one of the most unique museums in Lviv. For centuries, this institution maintains its reputation. For many years, the pharmacy has managed to combine the medical component with the tourist one. Indeed, despite the fact that it is visited daily by dozens of tourists, it does not stop selling medicines.

Pharmacy Museum “Under the Black Eagle”, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Travelers are enthusiastically looking at kinds of bulbs, cutters, tablet machines, but local citizens come here for what the doctor has prescribed. The historical pharmacy of Lviv has been opened here since 1735.

Pharmacy Museum “Under the Black Eagle”, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The atmosphere in the halls of the healing museum is very impressive.The exhibits will temporarily transfer you several centuries into the past. One might say, to the birth time of the modern medicine.

Pharmacy Museum “Under the Black Eagle”, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The pharmacy museum also has a small, cozy courtyard, which is ideal for an interesting photo shoot.


  • for adults – 30 UAH;
  • for students – 20 UAH;
  • for children of school age – 10 UAH.

How to get there: the pharmacy museum is located on Drukarska Street, 2. It is in the very center of Lviv, on Rynok Square, in the corner house at the intersection of Drukarska and Stavropigiyska streets.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

GPS coordinates: 49.842857, 24.032342.

Museum and cultural complex of the brewing history “Lvivarnya”

If you not only enjoy the intoxicating drink, but also want to know how it is made, then you definitely should visit the Lviv Brewery. The museum was opened in 2005 on the territory of the Lviv brewery. Its collection consisted of various exhibits: beer barrels, bottles, mugs, old books with beer recipes and so on. The museum was very popular among visitors and some years ago it was significantly improved.

Museum of the brewing history “Lvivarnya”, Lviv

Nowadays, one of the most modern museums in Ukraine is open on the territory of the brewery. It consists of 10 exhibition halls. Inspired brewers put their whole soul into the interactive exposition, and today it represents the creation world of this intoxicating drink.

There is a tasting room at the museum, so you can not only hear the legends about the invention of beer, but also enjoy its original taste. But, tasting is not included in the ticket price. There is also an art center in Lvivarna, and contemporary art exhibitions and other cultural events are held here. And at the exit you can look into an interesting souvenir shop.

Excursion cost:

  • from 12 to 18 years old and preferential category – 60 UAH;
  • for students – 75 UAH;
  • for adults – 90 UAH.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00.

How to get there: “Lvivarnya” is located along Kleparivska Street, 18. From the train station, you can take a bus № 29 to the Lviv Drama Theater of Lesya Ukrainka. On foot from the Opera Theater along the Horodotska Street.

GPS coordinates: 49.8485520, 24.0165490.

Kneipp Restaurant “Kryivka”

This institution is different from others not only in Lviv, but all over Ukraine. The owners of “Kryivka” dared to do a difficult experiment. The restaurant with the attributes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army immediately became famous, but there were also a lot of critics. But Kneipp withstood all the hardships, and many visitors stood up for it. After all, this place became immediately loved due to its color, tasty dishes and small live concerts. The restaurant is visited by about a million guests annually.

Kneipp Restaurant “Kryivka”, Lviv. Photo source: zn.ua.

The peculiarity of the "guerrilla lair" is that when entering you must respond “Heroyam Slava” (“Glory to the Heroes!”) to the greeting “Slava Ukraini” (“Glory to Ukraine!”).  Otherwise, they may not let you in. You should not risk it, because you will not have a chance to try the local dishes with the very original thematic names.

Kneipp Restaurant “Kryivka”, Lviv. Photo source: tsina.lviv.ua.

Opening hours: around the clock, seven days a week.

How to get there: “Kryivka” restaurant is located in the center of Lviv, on Rynok Square, 14.

GPS coordinates: 49.841307, 24.032269.

Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu

Chocolate has also become a symbol of the city of Lion. Numerous chocolate festivals annually gather thousands of tourists here. What should we do if the sweet holiday is still far away? Of course, visit the Lviv Chocolate Workshop (Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu). White, milk, black chocolate with nuts and marzipan, other tasty fillings. Chocolate in bars and melted, chocolate desserts, cakes. In one word – yummy! You should taste sweets with Lviv coffee – another symbol of Lviv.

Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

On the ground floor of the workshop there is a cozy café. The menu is very appealing to a sweet tooth – hot chocolate with all sorts of additives, fresh juices, coffee and tea.

Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu, Lviv. Photo source: chocolate.lviv.ua.

If you are planning to visit the “Lviv chocolate workshop”, then it is better to come here in the morning. Otherwise, you will "drown" in the maelstrom of many tourists.

Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 21:00.

How to get there: “Lvivska Maysternya Shocoladu” is located at the address:  Serbska Street, 3. You can get there on trams № 1, 2, 10 to Rynok Square.

GPS coordinates: 49.841259, 24.033521.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life “Shevchenko Hay”

If you are a fan of historical museums, then you should definitely visit skansen “Shevchenko Hay”, which is located on the territory of Lviv “Znesinnia” park. The unique open-air museum has collected over 20 thousand exhibits in its expositions. These are ancient icons, furniture, dishes, decorations, clothing and numerous items of peasant life. The main property of the museum is folk wooden architecture.

“Shevchenko Hay”, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The oldest hut, which is presented in “Shevchenko Hay”, was built in 1749. And the unique wooden church of St. Nicholas, brought from the village of Kryvka, dates back to 1761.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 to 18:00.


  • regular ticket – 50 UAH;
  • ticket with a discount – 30 UAH;
  • ticket with excursion – 200 UAH. Ticket prices may vary.

How to get there: Skansen is located on Chernecha Hora Street, 1. From the center of Lviv, you can take the tram № 2 to the Shevchenko Hay stop, then follow the signs for a few minutes. By taxi to the Lychakivska Street. From the center you can walk on foot. It takes about 30 minutes.

GPS coordinates: 49.844623, 24.065680.

Weapon Museum “Arsenal”

Nowadays, one of the collections of the Lviv Historical Museum is housed in the former Lviv City Arsenal, which is an architectural monument of the 16th century. About 100 thousand tourists visit it annually. This is not surprising, because there are really unique exhibits of 11-19 centuries here.

You will see guns, vintage armor, sabers, maces, military awards, guns and much more. All military artifacts were brought from 30 countries all around the world.

Weapon Museum “Arsenal” from inside, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The building of the weapon museum was built in 1554-1556. Therefore, it is a valuable monument of architectural heritage.

Weapon Museum “Arsenal” from inside, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.


  • Regular ticket – 50 UAH.
  • Ticket with a discount and child ticket – 30 UAH. Ticket prices may vary.

Opening hours: daily, except for Wednesday, from 10:00 to 17:30.

How to get there: “Arsenal” Museum is located in the center of Lviv, on Pidvalna Street, 5. From the center, it is about 5 minutes walk. Staroyevreyska Street can be your guiding point.

GPS coordinates: 49.841338, 24.035310.

Dominican Church and its dungeons

Monuments of religious architecture of Lviv occupy an important place among its attractions. One of them is the Dominican Church, and in the past the monastery of the 13th century. Its majestic façades in the late Baroque style are very hard to miss. According to some historians, once there was the palace of Prince Lev Danilovich himself here.

Dominican Church, Lviv. Author photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The dungeons of the Dominican Monastery are the most interesting – they are among the most exciting Lviv dungeons. Now this place belongs to the Museum of the History of Religion. While vsiting it, you can see the real torture room, where the interrogations were held during the Inquisition, the ascetic monk's cell, who immured himself willingly, and other shocking and at the same time fascinating echoes of the past.

Dungeons of the Dominican Church, Lviv. Photo source: photo-lviv.in.ua.

The atmosphere of the place cannot be conveyed by words. Especially in combination with the legends and stories of the dungeon, described by the local guides.

Cost: entrance to the Dominican Church – 20 UAH for adults and 10 UAH for children. Excursion – 50 UAH.

Opening hours: daily, except for Monday, from 10:00 to 18:00. Excursions start at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00.

How to get there: The Dominican Church is located on Museum Square, 1 in the historic center of Lviv. From Rynok Square, you need to turn onto Virmenska Street and walk to Ivan Fedoriv Street.

GPS coordinates: 49.842772, 24.033780.

Monument to Inventors of Kerosene Lamp

Unusual monuments of Lviv, as mentioned above, always delight the eyes of the passersby. The Sculpture to Inventors of Kerosene Lamp installed at the restaurant-museum “Hasova Lampa” (“The Kerosene Lamp") in 2008 is another of such original monuments.

Monument to Inventors of Kerosene Lamp, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The unusual monument is made in the form of the creators of the kerosene lamp. At the same time, pharmacist Johan Zeh poses at the table, and a sculpture of Ignacy Lukasiewicz looks out of a window on the third floor.

How to get there: Monument to Inventors of Kerosene Lamp is located in the center of the historic Lviv, on Virmenska Street, 20.

GPS coordinates: 49.843100, 24.031658.

House of Scientists

Nowadays, it is an outstanding monument of architecture, and in the past it was a noble, count and folk casino. The palace building in the center of Lviv, with active social life. And nowadays Lviv balls are held here. The chic interiors of the House of Scientists attract many tourists to it, and local newlyweds traditionally arrange wedding photo shoots in its halls.

House of Scientists, Lviv. Photo source: ua.igotoworld.com.

A carved wooden staircase, which is more than 100 years old, is the main decoration of the House of Scientists. Luxurious and outlandish interiors of the house often attract filmmakers.

Cost: the entrance ticket price is 30 UAH for adults and 20 UAH for children.

Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 18:30.

How to get there: The House of Scientists is located on Listopadovoho Chinu Street, 6. It is in a five minutes walk from the historical center, near Lviv University.

GPS coordinates: 49.841222, 24.021347.

Vienna Coffee House

Lviv coffee houses have long won the hearts of absolutely everyone who enters this city.Lviv is called the coffee capital. But there are places where it all began. Vienna Coffee House is one of the places of origin of the cozy Lviv cafeterias charm. It can be called historical, because initially in 1829 it was built with a purpose to become a coffee house.

Vienna Coffee House, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Vienna coffee, of course, is the highlight of the Coffee House. You can enjoy classic espresso, aromatic latte and many other variations of the magic drink here. Delicious Vienna strudel, which can be tasted at a coffee shop, will make you return to the atmospheric institution more than once.

Strudel in the Vienna Coffee House, Lviv. Author of the photo: Tetiana Smirnova IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 00:00.

How to get there: Vienna Coffee House is located on Svobody Avenue, 12. This is the center of the city, which is easily accessible by public transport. From the train station you can take tram № 1 to the stop Petro Doroshenko Street.

GPS coordinates: 49.840899, 24.028930.

Kryva Lypa

The cozy pedestrian street Kryva Lypa (Curved Linden) is named after the tree, which is more than 150 years old. There is a symbolic bench under the old linden and people in love come here. Both guests and residents of the city like to relax in this part of the Halytskyi District of Lviv. The atmosphere of the place is ideal for romantic dates – a pretty narrow street is filled with cafés and restaurants.

Kryva Lypa, Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The driveway Kryva Lypa is also called the passage of Gausman, in honor of the owner of the Grand Hotel. On his initiative an open passage was built near the hotel in 1895, with exits to two sides. Nowadays these are Doroshenko and Sichovykh Striltsiv Streets.

How to get there: Kryva Lypa is located in the center of Lviv. From Rynok Square you can get here on tram № 1, from the train station by tram № 6 to the stop Vulytsia Miska, by tram № 1 or № 10 to stop Doroshenko Street. Although it’s worth walking from the center, there are interesting places on every corner in Lviv, and it takes about 10 minutes to walk.

GPS coordinates: 49.840646, 24.026176.

St. George's Cathedral

The tall Greek Catholic temple on the mountain, which is visible from almost all Lviv hills, is the St. George's Cathedral, which is included in the mandatory list of all organized excursions in Lviv. His forefather was a wooden church founded by Danilо Galitsky on this site in the 1270s.

St. George's Cathedral, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

A striking example of Baroque architecture keeps a valuable relic – the icon mother of God Terebovlyanskaya, which ended up in the St. George's Cathedral in 1673. On the bell tower of the temple there is the oldest bell in Ukraine, cast in 1349.

St. George's Cathedral, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

How to get there: the cathedral is located on St. George's Square, 5. From the train station you can take tram number 6.

GPS coordinates: 49.838780, 24.012911.

Lychakiv cemetery

It is not a common thing to visit the cemetery. It is too creepy. But in Lviv a cemetery is not just a place for burial, but a historical and cultural museum-reservation. 300 thousand graves on 40 hectares. Sculptures are installed on 500 graves. You can say – and what is surprising about it? The fact that these monuments are true works of art. Angels, saints, people who are buried here, are made out of stone. They convey sadness and despair. The faces of the sculptures are so natural that it seems that tears will flow from the eyes of a little angel! These are the places that you must visit!

Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

The oldest graves in the Lychakiv cemetery date back to the late 18th century. Mostly famous people are buried here. Polish writer Artur Grottger and his beloved baroness , Wanda Monne are buried here.  Ivan Franko, Solomiya Krushelnytska, Markiyan Shashkevych found their resting place at the Lviv cemetery. 

Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv. Author of the photo: Anna Kobyliatska IGotoWorld Photo Group.

Cost of admission: 50 UAH for adults, 30 UAH for schoolchildren and students. Entrance ticket prices are subject to change.

Opening hours: daily from 09:00 to 18:00. From April to September – from 09:00 to 21:00.

How to get there: Lychakiv Cemetery is located at Mechnykova Street33. From the railway station, you can take bus № 29 to the “Shevchenko Hay” stop. Then walk for about 10 minutes.

GPS coordinates: 49.832599, 24.056080.

Lviv. Author of the photo: Eugene Naryvsky IGotoWorld Photo Group.

As we can see, in spite of the fact that almost everyone visited Lviv and examined every corner, there are more and more interesting places here every year. Yes, and old monuments do not lose their charm. In each institution or the museum there is always quite a lot of people. But there are places that will delight with comfort. Delicious Galician cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent, because due to the considerable competition between hundreds of cafés, restaurants, kneipps of the city, chefs have to be great virtuosos in order not to lose customers! Lviv will always please tourists. You are guaranteed to have good mood when visiting this city in the Western Ukraine!

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