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Yalta, Yaltyns'ka city council

Yalta - the pearl of the Crimean peninsula. It combines the exotic nature of the south of Ukraine and elegant architecture. This city is the most popular resort on the southern coast of Crimea among Ukrainian and foreign tourists. 

Nature of this land was fascinated by the governor of New Russia Count Mikhail Vorontsov back in 1823. He so impressed the local landscape - rocky mountains, azure waters of the sea, lush green gardens of the southern coast of Crimea, he decided to found a city in these places. Since then, became the center of Yalta, the so-called South-Russian Riviera. In the vicinity of Yalta attention castle "Swallow's Nest" and other structures that had the Russian nobility. Appeared around her palaces, mansions, villas, estates. However, in the city you can see many interesting buildings of different eras and architectural styles.

The first stone construction Yalta - Church of St. John Chrysostom. It was erected in 1832 - 1837 years and is the guardian of the southern city. The temple is decorated with gold leaf, and his 45-meter bell tower is still an interesting architectural design. To Yalta stone church can be reached directly from the city bus route taxi number 1 or number 3 and number 1 on the trolley, coming to a stop Soviet area. On the streets of Roosevelt will have to go down to the street by Leo Tolstoy. 

Another architectural work of the 18th century in the city of Yalta is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This shrine, poostrennaya in old style, one of the most popular destinations among tourists. To the cathedral can be reached directly from the Lenin Embankment trolleybus number 1 or take a walk to the Garden street. 

If you go to the Rural street, you can see another Yalta attraction that stands out from the other buildings - it's Armenian Church. It towers over the city on the hill Darsan, reachable by a small cable car "Yalta-hill" to the city center. 

Yalta was one of the most favorite places of rest and recovery Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka. The town preserved mansion merchants Leschinskaya where she stayed arriving on the southern coast of Crimea. Now in this cozy country house is a literary house museum Lesia Ukrainka dedicated to the life and work of the writer. It is located on St. Catherine street near a bus stop "Marine" on the waterfront named after Lenin. 

Unique historical structure is the palace of the Emir of Bukhara, built in the Moorish style. Since 1893 alone possessed the Emir of Bukhara Sayyid Abdul Khan Ahan - philanthropist and honorary citizen of the city of Yalta. His estate he gave the name "Dilkiso" - that is "fascinating." And this you can be sure visited the palace of the Emir of Bukhara, which can be reached by trolley bus number 1, get off at the cinema "Spartacus." 

Next, go to the street and the Kirov visit another interesting sight of Yalta - giving "Ömür" or the estate of Anton Chekhov, performed in pseudo-Gothic style. It is a small two-story mansion with pointed turrets mounted on the corners of the roof. Now it has housed the house-museum of Russian writer Anton Chekhov. The museum contains biographical writer room where you will enjoy the composition of personal belongings Chekhov: teacup, Grape cane road samovar set of medical instruments, his travel bag. The estate is surrounded by a garden with lots of exotic plants, in which you can relax on a hot summer day. The museum can be reached by trolley bus number 1, get off at the "Pioneer" or the number 8 bus stop "house-museum of Anton Chekhov." 

Real decoration of the city is a unique relic - the schooner "Hispaniola", located on the waterfront of Lenin. From the bus station can be reached on foot in 25 minutes if you walk along the river.This exotic vessel was built in 1954 for the filming of historical films. Now here taken themed cafe where everyone can enjoy the Crimean Tatar and Slavic cuisine.

Fun for all the family by visiting the "Glade of fairy tales" - the only museum in Ukraine tales outdoors. "Glade of fairy tales" is located in the forest near the mountains Stavry Kaya. There is a sculpture of Baba Yaga, Ilya Muromets, Dragon Snake, Mowgli, turtles tortilla, Swan Princess and other fairy tale characters. The museum is small children can watch cartoons, participate in contests, games and quizzes. By "Glade of fairy tales" can be reached by shuttle bus № 24, № 26 or number 27. 

While vacationing in Yalta, be sure to visit the highest mountain in the Crimea - Ai-Petri, which reaches a height of 1234 meters. Climb the mountain from the top of which offers a breathtaking view of the Yalta possible by cable car. It begins in the village of Mishor, followed by intermediate station "Pinery" and the upper station "Ai-Petri", where you can climb to the "teeth" - the highest point of the mountain. On top of the mountain can be reached by car on the highway Yalta Bakhchisarai, where you can stop at the waterfall Wuchang-Su . There are also hiking trails and climbing routes to the top of Ai-Petri. 

Journey to Yalta on the southern coast of the Crimean peninsula leave only pleasant impressions and give warm memories. 

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