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Donets'k, Donets'k region

Donets’k is considered by many as “the mining capital of Ukraine”, and this determination is quite reasonable as Donets’k region is rich in coal mined in the depths of underground deposits. Mining and metallurgical industries are very well developed here. So, when you drive up to the city, metallurgical factories and fantastical huge erections appear before you. It seems like these constructions and its stone pipes can reach the sky. Striking contrasts are millions of beautiful roses to bed out in one of the city’s parks. And so, in summer Donets’k literally becomes a city of a million roses.


Due to blacksmith’s traditions flourishing in Donets’k, this trade is recognized as one of city’s strengths. The Park of Hammersmith Art holds numerous international festivals. The first forged figure was a composition of roses, perhaps that’s why a rose is considered as a symbol of mining land capital. Nowadays you may find plenty of figures made of metal here. These compositions are presented by masters of different parts of the world. Donets’k has become a full member of association named “European golden ring of cities-farriers”. Not far from the city you may find a glade of tales, where vivid sculptures of heroes engraved of hornbeam and lime are disposed.


Adornments of the city are ponds and reservoirs. By the way, one of them is called by residents as “Sea of Donets’k”. Walking down Shevchenko Boulevard, one may find himself on an embankment of the pictorial Kal’mius River. Street lights inspirit the city reminding a fairy-tale.  


Football fans should see the stadium “Donbass Arena” constructed in accordance with European standards. You can see the way the stadium raises against the background scenery, reminding “flying saucer”. Football international championships of any level take place at this sport arena. You will be presented with excursions in the glory places of FC Shakhtar Donetsk.   


For theatre-goers the Solovyanenko Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet offers its great classical performances. There you can enjoy a modern choreography of Vadym Pysariev Choreography School or visit performances of world-known artists from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Cuba, Japan, France, Kazakhstan and Hungary. Many festivals take place in Donets’k, among them there is the best known international festival “World Ballet Stars”. More over, each year Jazz International Festival “DoDzh” becomes more and more popular.


The real pride of the city is the Donets’k Regional Museum of Local Lore, where more than 150 thousand exhibitions are presented. Mammoths’ skeletons and ancient pagan sculptures called “Scythian baby” are kept in this place. You can feel strong energetic standing close to them.


If you are the one to passionate from the art you should visit the Donets’k regional Art Museum to be astonished by masterpieces of wealth world collections from the Olexander Pushkin Art Museum in Moscow and St. Petersburg Hermitage.


External culture impacts Donets’k, so that, don’t be surprised to find yourself in small Liverpool, being in the center of the city. Here you can also find a night club of live music, a hotel in English style of 19th century. Not far from that place there is a monument constructed in the honor of legendary Britain group The Beatles and right here you are free to enjoy the groups’ hits, like “Love, love me do” and “Yesterday”. The local brewery uses different techniques and old traditions you to enjoy the best beer going back to the 70th.


Well, do not miss such an occasional pleasure to visit Donets’k! 

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