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Guides – in Donets'k

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Виктория Донченко
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Работу гида-экскурсовода считаю ответственной и интересной. Кто хочет увидеть больше,чем классическая «обзорка» по «Софиевке» и г.Умань - приглашаю на экскурсию !Своими знаниями делюсь в увлекательной и доступной форме.В работе учитываю пожелания гостей!

Guides directory on Donets'k . The best excursions and personal itineraries from the best guides. Choosing what to see in the city, it is always better to contact a specialist, especially if you came to the city for the first time. So you will protect yourself and do not miss any important attractions. Turning to a specialist, you can be sure that your tour will be made according to all your wishes and become truly personal.

Before choosing a tour guide on Donets'k pay attention to:

  • Languages ​​the tour guide owns
  • Previous Customer Reviews
  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Suggested itineraries and excursions

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