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Luhans'k, Luhans'k region

Lugansk is the largest industrial center of Ukraine. The city is located in the eastern part of Ukraine, at the confluence of two rivers - the alder and Lugan. 


This picturesque land had been inhabited polovtsy and Scythians. Polovtsian stone woman 11-12 centuries - the only surviving monument of their art, which is located in a park-museum in the Luhansk National University. His "birth" of the city owes the Scottish researcher Karl Gayskonu. He discovered here in the late 18th century, the Russian Empire for valuable deposits of iron ore and coal. Following this discovery, the first factory was built, around which the city grew. 


The first thing you see when you arrive at the Lugansk - is the railway station, built in the shape of a half-cylinder and is fully lined with glass. In the same building as the old station, which is located next to the railway museum is open. Right behind him is the pride of Lugansk - overpass that leads into the city center. 


No less stand out from the rest is the hotel building on Pushkin Street, to which you can get from the train station down the street Dahl. Unlike most of the city buildings, the hotel was built in the style of constructivism and Baroque. How to tell the citizens, to the credit of the Germans who participated in the reconstruction of the city after the end of World War II. 


On the above street Dahl is a literary museum dedicated to the life and work of the scientist and anthropologist Vladimir Ivanovich Dal. Here you will find personal belongings Dahl, some of his lithographs, scholarly works, novels, complete works in 10 volumes, and a collection of books "Dictionary of the Russian Language." 


For those interested in ancient architecture, you should visit the street Artem. It was there that the oldest building located Lugansk. This is the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, which you can get from the Pushkin Street on buses number 110, 119 or 154 number. The cathedral was built on the site of the old church, it is a model of the traditional cross-domed church. Dome decorated with gold leaf, and among them a magnificent bell tower is set. 


Lugansk known another place of worship, located on the street Plekhanov. This is St. Vladimir's Cathedral, which is the largest Orthodox church in the south-eastern Ukraine. Around him break a small public garden and built a seminary. Go to St. Vladimir's Cathedral can be reached by bus number 138 or by tram number 13, number 2, and 10. 


One of the most popular places in the city is Lugansk Park Museum on the campus of the University of Taras Shevchenko. The park has set the famous stone statues Polovtsian women. Nearby is a sculpture park "Magic World". Here, in the general area sculptures of fairy tale characters that delight its quirky views of both children and adults. 


In Lugansk, all impressive in its scope and size. You will see this by visiting one of the largest museums in Ukraine - Lugansk Aviation Technical Museum. Here are the planes, helicopters, aircraft engines, rare motorcycles and cars. 


Lugansk region, which is the regional center of Luhansk, known for its flat terrain. However, the region is not entirely typical of the steppe landscape.The most spectacular is the so-called "Marin cliff." It is a unique natural formation in the beams in Bryanka. Steep sandstone cliffs up to 20 meters - a great place for rock climbing. In addition, there is flowing river, which is due to the rocky terrain forms several small waterfalls. Prior to that cliff can be reached by bus, which travels from Lugansk to Bryanka.

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