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Vylkove, Kiliis'kyi district

City Vylkove in Chilia district of Odessa region is called the "Ukrainian Venice". Along the city streets dug many channels. Vilkovo is located in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta and is the last settlement before the coast of the river it flows into the Black Sea. Here the Danube is suitable to the sea and is divided into several branches, forming a fork. Hence the name of the city. The main public transport are boats. Along the streets and houses are located wooden masonry, which move the locals.

The city is very peculiar and povsechasno attracts tourists. Here live conservatives. There are two churches belonging to the Orthodox Old Believers-Lipovans: Svyatonikolskaya church , built in the 20th century and older with an interesting history of the Theotokos . The main activity - fishing and the cultivation of grapes. Fine wine, produced from the grape variety "Novak" is the hallmark of Vylkove. On the islands of the Danube Delta garden grown strawberries and strawberry. Located near the Danube Biosphere Reserve , created in 1998 on the basis of the nature reserve "Danube marshes."

Natural Beauty Vylkove very multifaceted - Danube coast, lakes, pine forests and very near to - the Black Sea. The city between the sea and the river was built virtually by hand. Hardworking locals happy to meet interesting guests and show them your life, so unusual for many. Will be interesting to visit the Old Believer communities, as well as island estates where treated to strong wine and present fishing soup. You can ride on a boat on the Danube, visit the Zero Mile - a place where the river Danube falls into the Black Sea.
Vylkove can stay in one of the many private estates or tourist centers. Many are located on the banks of the picturesque Danube.

Until Vylkove from Odessa are regular buses and organized tours.

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Тур в Вилково, Измаил и водные буйволы
Трехдневный тур в Вилково. Каналы, ерики, острова и горячие бессарабские вкусности!Вы познакомитесь с невероятно добрыми водными буйволамиПродегустируете вина винодельни колонист и местное - новак, попробуете бессарабскую кухнюПобываете в самой большой крепости УкраиныВсе активности включены в стоимость
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