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Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery

Mgarsky Transfiguration Monastery

Mgarsky Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery was founded by Metropolitan Isaiah in 1619 in the same forest, six kilometers from the city of Poltava region Lubna. From a distance, one can see its golden domes, attracting in this amazing abode of many tourists.

Appearance of the first hermits on Mount Mgarsky ancient legends relate to ages 10-11, so the monastery is considered one of the oldest in Ukraine.

In 1654 the church was visited Constantinople Patriarch Athanasius, following from Moscow to Constantinople. After a serious illness priest died in the monastery and is buried in the crypt of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. However, eight years later, his relics were found incorrupt. In 1662, the cathedral was held the rank of the canonization of St. Athanasius.

In 1692, on the site of an old wooden church, designed by architect John the Baptist was built a new stone cathedral. In 1785, in a clearing, where the priest loved to pray, the bell tower was erected. Its construction lasted more than fifty years. During the civil war, all its bells were removed and melted down for weapons. After years of persecution and disasters in 1993, the monastery was returned to the Orthodox Church. From this point significantly increases the flow of travelers to the monastery of St. Athanasius Lubensky.

Be sure to visit the oldest monastery in the main temple is an amazing talented artists restored painting of St. Nicholas. The interior of the church is not catchy and different purity and modesty.

External architecture of the monastery combines features of ancient architecture and the Ukrainian Baroque. Today the monastery complex are preserved with different times of the Transfiguration Cathedral, Church of the Annunciation, the bell tower, the remains of the abbot complex skete church of St. Athanasius, private building and part of the old fence. Looking around these ancient places special attention to Mgarsky caves of the 11th century. They extend for a few hundred meters to Lubensk hill.


Walking through the monastery, you can visit a local icon shop and a small shop that sells bread, butter, cheese, honey and other products made by the monks. Also monastery famous ancient traditions of growing medicinal herbs, has arable land, livestock and poultry farming. The monks has been active in publishing here deyatelnostyu.Vypuskaemy magazine "Mgarsky Bell" in 2005 was named the best magazine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

From the train station to the monastery Lubni best reached by taxi, but you can also get on the shuttle bus going to the villages and Luke Mgar.

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