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National Museum of Ukrainian pottery

National Museum of Ukrainian pottery


Ancient Cossack village Oposhnya located in the Poltava region, has long been famous masters of pottery and ceramic crafts. In Opishne in 1986 was opened National Museum of Ukrainian pottery. Now tourists can visit the unique museum of pottery, visit the County complex provincial pottery, preserved to this day since 1916. In addition, the composition of the reserve includes plants "Ceramic" and "art pottery", as well as estates, museums and the famous Alexandra Selyuchenko Goncharsky kind Poshivaylo.


The greatest attention of tourists are attracted pottery gallery located in the open air around the main building of the museum-reserve. By visiting this site, you can admire the author's works of local artisans, some of whom are laureates of Taras Shevchenko. In addition, here represented by craftsmen from different regions of Ukraine, participating in annual festivals monumental ceramic sculpture. The most valuable exhibits are in the main exhibition hall of the museum. There you will see and a huge collection of printed materials explaining the intricacies of pottery. If you want to touch the magic of ancient handicraft, you can attend the classes of pottery that holds master.


Today Oposhnya rightly considered the capital of pottery. Employees of the museum turned to reserve the most popular craft center. It attracts not only professionals, but also novice potters and just curious travelers from around the world.


Modern inhabitants of big cities tour of the museum-reserve gives an opportunity to touch the history of the Ukrainian people, to feel himself a master potter's Affairs, the doers of clay miracles. More than 35,000 unique items await you on the museum grounds. Your attention is presented and clay figures of the freedom of the Cossacks, and amazing alien creatures, and sculpture in the form of rare animals, as well as fabulous unseen insects.


Can be long to describe an unusual exposure of the reserve, but it is better to see it with my own eyes. Do not forget to bring your camera, because the vivid images taken on a background of unique items for a long time will cause you great memories.


The museum runs a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs from the clay for their loved ones. In addition, the memory of visiting this historic place, all visitors receive a gift clay whistle.


District center Oposhnya located at 48 kilometers from the city of Poltava. You can get here by regular buses departing from the bus number 2 on the street, 65-well or from the bus number 3 on the street Zenkovsky 66. If you travel by car, you will need to go on the route Poltava Ahtyrka (H 12) to a pointer to the village Oposhnya.


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