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Banquet Hall Domino, Odessa

Banquet Hall Domino, Odessa

Odessa banquet hall "Domino" is ready to give a great holiday by providing their services. It can choose room for holidays: spend or corporate party, celebrate a birthday or other significant event. In accordance with the wishes of the organizers offer a complementary service.

Hall Banquet Hall "Domino"

Banquet hall "Domino" provides great banquet halls for rent:

  • To narrow range of 20-40 people recommended "mirror" room. Modern style with unusual elements, which are carefully decorated room, sure to impress fans of the worst fashion and comfortable furniture and luxurious table setting will satisfy supporters of respectable classics.
  • For a small celebration for 30-50 people perfect modern and stylish "pink" room, the atmosphere in which underscore the solemnity of the moment. Making room in pink and lilac shades practically requires no additional decoration.
  • For a luxurious wedding for 200 or even 300 is an ideal place - "Theatre" room. The area of ​​this room allows guests to place a long table or a round of 8-12 people, and for the young is a special place on the podium.

Separate sitting in the banquet hall of "Domino" stands for outbound painting is enough space for the table wishes, fotozony, musicians and, of course, dance.

Implementation of activities in the banquet hall

If desired, you have the option to order on request to the organizers any kind of entertainment for your holiday or allow professionals to arrange the organization of the festival.

In the halls banquet hall is usually carried out celebration:

  • wedding;
  • anniversary of the company;
  • birthdays;
  • theme parties and others.

Each of these events is a special and unforgettable in a banquet hall. And for young couples or birthdays celebration when ordering a banquet hall "Domino" number is a gift.

Also, a banquet hall "Dominoes" invites you to visit a nightclub, housed in a recreation center "Peace-resort" .

Getting there

Banquet hall "Domino" in Odessa is on the 9th Station Big Fountain. You can get the city or own transport. For guests are offered accommodation in hotels "Peace-resort." Around opportunity to leave their own car in the parking lot of the hotel.

Telephone: +38 (048) 716-77-37, +38 (048) 770-91-85.

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