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Beer True Theater, Lviv

Beer True Theater, Lviv

Theater beer "Truth" in Lviv - a relatively new institution. It opened in December 2014 at the site of the old department store on Market Square . Four years in the room did repair, and at the end of the year before the winter holidays in the town square before the visitors opened the doors of kraftova Brewery Holding emotions "! Fest".

The name of the institution chose not casual. This brewery brewed real beer. And in the middle of the room is a device where, in fact, made beer. Watch this process with enthusiasm, as though you really are in some theater.

In the restaurant has three floors. Interior - typical pub. Comfortable wooden furniture, various interesting details on the walls, dim lights. The highlight of the facility are huge windows with beautiful Market Square is visible.

The main beer Browar Lviv theater "Truth" comes from the United States. His name is Corey MakHinnes. Behind Corey - extensive experience in European and American manufactured breweries. The "Truth" can order beer its attribution -It ales with currant, grapefruit, New Zealand hops and elder flower.

Excursions in the theater of beer "Truth"

Since November 2015, the theater beer "Truth" tour began manufacturing the production of beer. During the tour you`ll learn:

  • which comes true Lviv beer;
  • visit production;
  • prodehustuyete three types of beer.

After visiting the production each receive a special certificate for one free beer in "Pravda" and the opportunity to purchase beer "Kvadrupl" which sold exclusively to participants of beer tour.

Register for the tour can be daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

How to get there

Theater beer "Pravda" in Ukraine is on the Market Square, 32


Tours and excursions

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