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Museum of Nikolaev - City of sailors and shipbuilders, Nikolaev

Museum of Nikolaev - City of sailors and shipbuilders, Nikolaev

In Nikolayev z`yavysya Museum sailors and shipbuilders - a tribute to renowned people who built the city and revived shipbuilding. In one of the secondary schools of the city museum was inaugurated "Mykolaiv - city of sailors and shipbuilders." The cultural institution was the result of years of hard work of teachers, pupils and their parents.

About the Museum

Museum sailors and shipbuilders created and opened October 17, 2015 at the school number 19, due to the forces of local residents who have made outstanding contributions to the replenishment of the young institution. Museum organizers are confident that the lessons of this helps to better understand the history of his native land to keep the memory of it, and even feel a part of historical events.

The museum exposition sailors

The exhibits for the museum collected all the world. The exhibition includes:

  • Nikolaev outstanding photos that have contributed to the construction of ships;
  • personal belongings of famous people;
  • Photographic famous ships built at the Nikolayev shipyards;
  • documents on formation Mayor Vladimir Chaika,
  • binoculars A. Nazarov - the commander of the aircraft carrier "Minsk".

The chief doctor Alexander Demyanov was so impressed and enthusiastic labor school, he decided to transfer to the museum unique creation - a picture of the aircraft carrier "Tbilisi". Exhibits are in the classroom, where they spent the lessons of history.

Getting to the museum

Museum "Nikolaev - a city of sailors and shipbuilders` located on the street front. Nearby are the stop "street railway" and "wholesale market", where the route many local taxis.


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