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The Khust Local History Museum

The Khust Local History Museum

Before taking a stroll through the ruins of the castle Khust every tourist should visit Khustskiy museum. This place will be a logical start of the tour route to the historical attractions of the city.

Visiting a museum, every tourist can see the life of Justa, from ancient times to modern. Rooms of the first floor talk about a variety of nationalities of the Carpathians, their way of life and traditions. The second floor is devoted to modern history of Ukraine - military conflicts and political events of the early 20th century. Of particular interest to tourists is a map of Europe during the First World War, in which countries are represented in the form of animals.

It is noteworthy that the greatest value of Khust regional museum are items related to the Carpathian Ukraine. During the 1938-1939 Hoost was the capital of the state of education. Today the walls of the museum store the most comprehensive collection of authentic items that display the realities of the time.

The third floor is set aside for an art gallery. The walls are decorated creations Transcarpathian artists, here placed their brief biographies.

In memory of interesting pastime in the museum any visitor can buy postcards and souvenirs on historical themes.

Hust Regional Museum hosts every day except Monday, from 9 to 17 hours.

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