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The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine “Pyrohiv”

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine «Pyrohiv»

In the south of Kyiv, not far from Pyrohiv village, authentic settlements and trades of Ukraine C17th-20th are presented. About 300 unique architectural exhibits from all parts of Ukraine are presented in the museum. It is amazing, the way broad Ukrainian steppes, mountain valleys of the Carpathians, southern spaces of Ukraine are located on 130 acres, preserving their primordial forms.  

In 1969 Petro Tronko, the founder of the museum, decided to put together architectural and cultural heritages of Ukrainian villages across the country in one place and Pyrohiv village was a place to choose. Thanks to this village, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine has got its name "Pyrohiv". An open-air museum has been built for 7 years. You’ll be impressed not only with damages and a number of exhibits, but also with a subtle work of co-workers of the museum who contributed their skills and mastery as well as their soul into the museum.

Since the museum occupies large areas, the easiest way to move there is to take a sightseeing tram, which works on the territory of the museum, and can carry you to its every corner while guides tell you about the historical past of Ukrainian lands and explain functioning of household and building items. The museum looks like a big village with its huts, taverns, grist mills, churches to reproduce different periods of Ukrainian rural life.

The whole territory is divided into 8 expositions; each one represents its period: Middle Dnipro Ukraine, the South of Ukraine, Poltava region, Sloboda Ukraine, Polissya, the Carpathians and National Creative Work. All of the constructions keep Ukrainian traditions in subtle details: household items, towels, rugs, runners, embroideries, icons, old traditional clothes, wood and clay crockery, musical instruments, looms, pottery tools… also there you can buy souvenirs you like.

You will be the one to see a marriage ceremony in the wooden church to exist up to the present days. In Pyrohiv one may be present at celebration of Christmas, Maslenytsia (Pancake week), Kupala Day (known in Ukraine as Ivana Kupala), Easter, Trinity, Autumn Fair, birthdays of eminent figures and many others. During holidays in the museum you are going to see people in national dresses, different masters, horse light carriages, exhibitions and fairs.

The Pyrohiv Museum is a perfect place for a picnic, or to dine in one of cafes that offer traditional Ukrainian cuisine. It is so nice to sit by a blooming apple tree watching grist mills and fields of lush feather grass. How beautiful are whitewashed huts with thatched roofs and periwinkle by the window. Come to Pyrohiv and see it all on your own. It will be another unforgettable day in the story of your trips.

The Pyrohiv Museum is not far from Kyiv. You can get there from Odeska Square or go on Stolychne Highway in the direction to Zabolotnogo Street and in two minutes you'll see the most interesting museum in Ukraine.

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