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Three Wells, Subotiv

Three Wells, Subotiv

Near the town of Chyhyryn Cherkasy region, on the right bank of the river Tyasmin, lies a picturesque village on Saturday - part of the Historical and Cultural Preserve . And in the 18th century on this earth has a small farm, owned by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Here was his patrimony.

Slightly away from the center of the village has survived until today 3 wells that were dug by order of the hetman in memory of the brave Zaporozhye soldiers who died in battle. Krinitsy while served Cossack hospital. According to legend, they dug three Cossacks on the spot healing key - its waters a local elder healed the wounded.

Over time, these became known as Krinitsy wells of love. There is a legend that if she tasted the water from each of them, you will find beauty, kindness and intelligence, and most importantly - love. Therefore, one of them always lies scoop attached to a long stick - everyone can get drunk here in plenty of this "magic" water.

In addition, Subotiv worth a visit Elias Church - the place where he was buried Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

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Сердце Холодного Яра
Столица украинских казаков – Чигирин, приглашает в захватывающий тур по своей территории. Вы увидите множество памятников архитектуры и культуры, которые неразрывно связаны с правлением известных украинских гетманов и, в целом, с богатой историей Украины.
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