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The Kievan Rus Park

The Kievan Rus Park

Would you like to visit the ancient Kiev and feel the atmosphere of Kievan Rus 5-13 centuries? Today this is possible thanks to an ambitious reconstruction on 10 acres at Kiev , the project is called the park "Kievan Rus".

The initiators of its construction sights on the reconstruction of ancient Kiev in full, on a scale of 1: 1. Attracting scholars and historians, ethnographers, they reproduced the project the city center, the so-called Detinets with buildings era of Prince Vladimir, none of which has been preserved to our time.

Today recreated the ancient city is surrounded by powerful fortifications. They include a nine-mile length of the shaft, the moat, the world`s only wooden ramparts length of 300 meters, the entrance gate with guard towers. St. Michael`s Gate stand height of 21 m.

Going to Kiev Vladimir the Great times, and you will see the prince`s court, and ambassadorial mansions and estates of Kyiv residents, merchants and shops, artisans, and craftsmen fair, where you can buy souvenirs. Here and the hill Perun, and the cave chronicler Nestor.

In the future, planned to revive the housing Prince Kyi, the palace Askold and other princely palaces, four churches, two monasteries and other architectural masterpieces. Scientific Project Manager - Professor Gleb Ivakin, deputy director of the Institute of Archaeology of National Academy of Sciences.

Pride Park - a living museum of horses. It collected more than 30 historic breeds. You can look at the horses of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and other great generals. Here and Arabian horses, and Dons - Cossacks favorite horses, cowboys and horses, and Orlov trotters.

Park "Kievan Rus` became a place of festivals. There are theatrical medieval battles, tournaments, games, jousting battles, equestrian events.

Not only can you touch the history, but also become a member: examples of medieval costume, to sit in the saddle steed, to practice archery. Or choose a peaceful occupation of the potter and his own hands to make a pot of clay.

Calendar entertainment - Online Park "Kievan Rus". Here you can spend, and family celebrations and corporate events.

From Kiev to the park can be reached in 45 minutes by bus from the metro station "Vydubychi".

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