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Desnyanskaya Obolon

Desnyanskaya Obolon

Desna Obolon - unique protected object. These places are famous for spectacular scenery and crystal clear lakes. It is thanks to the amazing nature of this place has become a famous tourist route. Walkers will be delighted by the beauty of the vast grassland, dense oak forests, rivers snake writhing and clear lakes. Discerning travelers will get aesthetic pleasure strolling along the reed islands and waters that are covered with carpets of white lilies and bright yellow water lilies.

Desna Obolon - a real find for lovers of fishing, because there are about 35 species of fish, some of whom are very valuable: carp, catfish, eels, sturgeon and madder. The last two species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, so be prepared for a good photo hunt to capture these rare longhorn.

Desna Obolon river system consists of thirty small rivers, and each has its own characteristics. If you purposefully go fishing, it should be noted that most fish collected near the Desna water system, especially a lot of it at dusk. Good nibble guaranteed and near the villages of Karpovich, Gorski, and the city Moutinot Putyvl. Good fishing spots is near the village of Sosnica, near the town and village Shchors SEDNEV.

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