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Rozumovsky Palace in Baturyn

Rozumovsky Palace in Baturyn

The small town of Baturin in Chernigov region known as the hetman capital. Here the residence Kirill Razumovsky, the last Ukrainian hetman. On the river bank Sejm he built for himself a grand palace and park complex. Author of the project - Scottish architect Charles Cameron. A three-storey palace in the spirit of classicism ascended majestically over the whole complex. Razumovsky palace in Baturin after the death of Hetman in 1803 was in ruins. In 1824 there was a fire that destroyed the interior. In the 20th century were destroyed outbuildings included in the complex. The Second World War caused considerable damage to the facade of the palace. For a long time he was the gray ruins. New life breathed into its walls in 2003 - in Ukraine have approved a comprehensive program for the conservation of monuments and Baturin began large-scale reconstruction. Now the palace complex is included in the National Reserve "Hetman`s capital" . In addition, to the reserve include the Museum of Archaeology Baturina , house general judge V. Kotchubey and Baturin citadel fortress . In the palace Razumovsky, which has 55 rooms, a museum of Hetman. The magnificent interiors have been recreated entirely. Tourists can see the sword of Kirill Razumovsky, donated to the museum by his descendants. Here - portraits of Ukrainian hetman, who transferred from Lviv gallery. Closed on Mondays.

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Батурин - гетьманский оплот
Каждый желающий сможет посетить всем известную гетьманскую столицу Украины . Этот тур предлагает возможность побывать на удивитильной территории исторической эпохи казачества, и представить себя участником событий того исторического, давно прошедшего времени.
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