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House of Organ and Chamber Music (former Church of St Mary Magdalene)

House of Organ and Chamber Music (former Church of St Mary Magdalene)

Lovely three-aisled basilica in Lviv, at the intersection of Bandera and Doroshenko, visible from afar. This House of Organ and Chamber Music. Its main attraction is the largest in Ukraine concert organ of the Czech Republic , manufactured by Rieger-Kloss. Instrument stands here in 1932, it was restored twice, and now he pleases listeners with his noble sound.

Organ hall housed in the building of the church of St. Mary Magdalene. First wooden church was - it was built in the 16th century Dominican monks by architects and Kelara fit. Next to the basilica was a seminary and monastic cells.

In 1648, the army of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky seized church and monastery.

Subsequently, the temple was rebuilt. It is interesting that in the late 18th century monastery premises turned into a prison for the ladies of easy virtue.

In 1870, the church acquired a modern look, it features combine Baroque and Renaissance. Since 1998, the church held Catholic services.

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