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Coffee "Kopalnya Kawi"


Lviv is considered the coffee capital of Ukraine. One of the main attractions is the coffee shop "Kopalnya Kawi". It is located right in the city center, on the Market Square , in the bookstore. The discovery of coffee caused a stir not only among tourists but also among residents.

Coffee is produced in the mine beneath the town hall. Despite the large number of customers, staff copes with his work and does not make you wait long for your order. The diverse menu includes about 30 positions - is a recipe for coffee drinks of different varieties of coffee. Each client cafes can see firsthand how and who prepares coffee .

Organized for visitors and descent into the mine. In order to observe safety measures a client wishing to go underground, miner is obliged to wear a special outfit. In the cafe you can buy souvenirs in the form of ceramic cups or coffee grinder and, of course, coffee is ground and beans. In "Kopalne Kawi" very cozy, and all thanks to the layout of the interior: interior space divided it into sections where you can in a relaxed atmosphere to chat with friends over a cup of "underground" coffee.

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