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Buky canyon

Buky canyon

On the border of the two regions of Vinnytsia and Cherkasy, near the village of Beeches is one of the most beautiful canyons of Ukraine. Despite its short length - a little more than 5 kilometers, it attracts many tourists. Someone comes to admire the rocky shores buky canyon, and other picnics on numerous meadows on both sides of the river.

Mountain river canyon formed Tikich and ancient rocks. At the beginning of the canyon noise-foot   Falls Vyr representing the remains of the first Ukrainian hydroelectric. There is also a water mill built in the 19th century, and its ruins can be seen today.

The canyon is 20 meters, while   Width - 40 meters. Ambient splendor very little resemblance to the landscapes of Ukraine and Switzerland recalled. Canyon is popular among climbers, and even rocks are not very high, but they are steep and perfect for training.

Video of the canyon:

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Экскурсия на конный завод + Букский каньон
В самом сердце Украины раскинулся Букский каньон. Гранитные скалы возвышаются над рекой Горный Тикич, образуя одно из самых живописных мест нашей страны. Бурные воды реки скатываются по древним скалам, создавая удивительной красоты водопад Выр. Также на реке остались развалины первой украинской электростанции. Также Букский каньон еще ласково называют маленькой Швейцарией.
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