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Manor Dakhovskaya

Manor Dakhovskaya

The estate is located in the village of Leskovo Cherkasy region. Manor was originally named after its owner and founder of the village, but in the early 19th century, it acquired Dakhovskaya race, so it was renamed in accordance with the name of the new owners.

Manor occupies 85 hectares of land.   Its complex includes a castle Dakhovskaya, leafy park on the left bank of the river Konelka and coniferous forest - on the right, the dam, which was created through the pond, pond and garden.

It is worth noting that the estate has got a very good, caring owners who maintain continuity and invested in her work of four generations. Creating a unique architectural ensemble Dakhovskaya relied on the design of the park "Sofiyivka"   in Uman. The palace rebuilt in the style of Tudor Gothic, as the owners were passionate fans of the English style and culture.   Manor is an English medieval castle of red brick.

Be sure to visit unsurpassed architectural style manor Dakhovskaya to feel the atmosphere of the era of the founders of the complex.

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