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Manor Naryshkin-Shuvalov in Talne

Manor Naryshkin-Shuvalov in Talne

Probably not the people in the former Soviet space that have never heard the names of the Potocki, Shuvalov or Naryshkin. People who wore such names, made history.   Part of the dowry of his wife Shuvalov, she`s granddaughter Sophia and daughter of Count Potocki Naryshkin, the land was in Talnoye with uncomplicated construction. Potocki laid the foundation of the estate in 1725, continued the construction Shuvalov, and graduated from his daughter Olga. Finca in Talnoye used as a hunting lodge. Here, relax and enjoy the quiet, away from the royal court.

The building consists of two parts: residential and economic. Residential architecture of the building resembles a medieval French castle with two towers and polubashney on which   Emblem of Shuvalov, luxurious entrance, wide porch and carved railings. The economic part of the house is more like an English construction with massive beams that support the ceiling.

The homestead survived tombstones Sofia, Paul and Peter Shuvalov, as well as the ruins of the tomb of Sofia Potocki.

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