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Peter and Paul Church (Museum Sheptitskiy) Yaremche

Peter and Paul Church (Museum Sheptitskiy) Yaremche

Here is the most advanced wooden church of St. Peter and Paul, existing at the monastery of St. Andrew. It was built in 2000, on the edge of town, the site of the vanished village of Dora, in the town of Dol thick on the river Kamenka framed by picturesque thickets of spruce and beech trees.

The church has a classic Hutsul spirit and parallel combines the museum of the famous bishop of Galich, head of the Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptitskogo.Hram missionary congregation of St. Andrew was conceived, founded and painted famous Greek Catholic missionary, collector, priest Yaroslav Svischukom. He also became a sponsor of the construction.

In the world of Metropolitan Andrey Roman name was Count Alexander Maria Sheptitsky. He was Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The church meets all architectural style mansion ensemble of St. Andrew. Structures made ​​of wood, has four tiers, tin roof, on the basis of good-quality brick. Elaborately carved iconostasis of the Ivano-Frankivsk craftsman I. Fabulyakom, painted by Svischukom. In addition to icons, written by modern masters, there is the icon of Our Lady of Chernobyl and Bishop Galitsky. Casket Temple of Saints Peter and Paul made Kolomyjsky artist Ivan Mosin.

Museum Andrew Sheptitskogo located on the lower level of the church. It demonstrates the images, portraits, narrative scenes, sculptures, mosaics of famous artists, immigrants, and, of course, the owner of such property.

The walls of the museum are also decorated with the painting "The Good Shepherd" brush Juvenal Mokritskiy, great priesthood Studytskoho Chin, painted the iconostasis of the main church of St.. Sophia, who is in Rome.

In the area of ​​the church of St. Peter and Paul is the so-called City of the Martyrs. It is adjacent to the courtyard of the monastery. He built a symbolic burial, memorial cross, as well as images of saints and martyrs.

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