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Ternoshorska Lada Rock

Ternoshorska Lada Rock

Want to see the eighth wonder of the world? It is located between the villages of Ukraine Yavorov, Snidavka and Bukovec. This miracle is known as a rock Ternoshorskaya Lada. Some scientists believe that it is - a work of Mother Nature. Others suggest that about 40 thousand years ago, ancient people made ​​themselves here sanctuary. Anyway, it is for its resemblance to the Paleolithic figurines depicting a female goddess Lada, the hill got its name. It is striking that the resemblance is really great.

Proponents of this theory held in 2007, the latest study. They calculated that the approximate weight of a stone cliff-statue is more than 100 tons, and its height - 10.4 meters. Suggest that vosmitonnaya head "goddess" was made from other types of stone and mounted on special backwaters.

Scientists have even said that the ancient sculptor had to have an increase of about 190 centimeters. Like it or not - still stands to prove. And all visitors of this mysterious place it is possible to see with my own eyes Ternoshorskuyu Lada and present himself as a master stone cases.


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