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ST. Prince Vladimir, Zaporozhye

ST. Prince Vladimir, Zaporozhye

In the residential area of Zaporozhye erected Cathedral of the Holy Prince Vladimir.

Compact height of the church was built in one layer, its dome crowned by a wonderful green onions with gold dome and cross. The main entrance is decorated arch supporting canopy over it. The door is made in such a way that the impression of a long corridor arches. Cathedral window are formed as arches.

The temple was built in the short term at the expense of Zaporizhia house-building plant. Cathedral is located near one of the high-rise buildings at street Novokuznetskaya, 5-a. In 2009 the church was consecrated and opened its doors to the faithful. The temple belongs to the Kyiv Patriarchate.

What to see near St. Stephen`s Cathedral. Prince Vladimir

Nearby is a few cathedrals: St. Andrew`s Cathedral , Holy Virgin and Holy Trinity .


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