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Heroes Square Maidan, Dnepropetrovsk

Heroes Square Maidan, Dnepropetrovsk

Modern Heroes Square Maidan even in 1817 was founded as the central area of the city . For the first time on the map Yekaterinoslav area appears in 1840-1850-ies. Then the governor was Alexander Farb, under whose leadership was begun building of the central part of the city. It has taken the role of lyuchevuyu Trinity Cathedral, which is at the foot of the Trinity began to actively develop the market.

By the early 20th century, the area has not acquired major changes. The main building was begun in the postwar period.   In terms of 1947 there is a project on the reconstruction of the center of Dnepropetrovsk, there seems to Heroes Square Maidan built a succession of administrative buildings. Authors of the project planned to build them in the shape of a semicircle and decorate columns. Subsequently, the project edited and the building took U-shaped.

Initially we planned to build a central square House advice, but while Dnepropetrovsk positioned as the steel capital of Ukraine. As a result, the central square of the city building   Ministry of ferrous metallurgy and design organizations . On the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution in the square they erected a monument to Lenin.

In February 2014, the monument was overthrown and   The former Lenin Square has a new name - Heroes Square Maidan.   As a sign of respect and memory of those who died during the euromaidan 2014 in Kiev .

Today, Heroes Square Maidan - the heart of Dnipropetrovsk. There are fairs and festivals, organized concerts, New Year Tree operates a central area.

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