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Beach Luzanovka

Beach Luzanovka

In the summer before all lovers of the sea presents a choice vacation spot. Odessa is perfect for those who like to combine different types of leisure activities. A variety of beaches to satisfy the tastes of any tourist.

Beach "Luzanovka" - the youngest in Odessa. Large expanses of natural beach, take in the warm embrace of tourists from across the country. Here you will not see the usual concrete breakwaters and piers. Golden sand playful gleam in the rays of the sun. Since the beach is far from the city center, the water is much cleaner. And over here brings warm water flows. Before the tourists open vast expanses of open sea.

One of the advantages of "Luzanovka" - a short distance from public transport. The road to the sea from the stop you will not take more than 5 minutes. Also on the beach there is a lifeguard station and a medical center.

A wonderful addition to the landscape serves as a park. It stretches along the coast. In the shade of the trees you can wait out the hottest hours of the day. Odessans are often held picnics. For an active pastime at the beach installed inflatable slides. Some nightclubs will paint with colored lights dance floor your summer night. A lower price will please your wallet.

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