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Zoo 12 months, Demidov

Zoo 12 months, Demidov

Zoo "12 months" was opened in May 2015 in Demidov, 40 km from Kiev. Adults here expect a lot of impressions and children - an unforgettable positive emotions.

What you can see at the zoo

The zoo is located in a large area - 16 hectares. There are built enclosures with the latest technologies and inhabits more than 100 species of animals with whom you will have the opportunity to become better acquainted.

The zoo live: white lion with a lioness, cheetah, puma, red wolf, black jaguar, white tiger, monkeys of various species, rhino, hyena, eland, Kamchatka bears, bison and others.

Specially designed for kids petting zoo, where they can communicate with animals, pet them and feed in exactly the time allotted. Food can be purchased on site for a small fee. Activities for children have specially equipped territory for games and pirate ship.

Near the pond, in the heart of the complex is a fairytale castle, which is actually a restaurant called "King Ludwig". Castle is similar to Neuschwanstein Bavarian prototype Disney Snow White`s castle. You will be pleasantly surprised by reasonable prices, as well as the menu included a separate section of baby food.

Hours zoo

The complex is open for visitors from 10:00 to 20:00. Cashier is open 17 hours. For children up to 3 years free admission.

Getting to the zoo "12 months"

In your own car you can get to the zoo, driving Vyshgorod, Petrivtsi (old and new), then Lyutezh. In Demidov for roadside market, there is a bus stop, followed by a left turn.

Also organized branded bus from the metro station "Svyatoshyn" under the bridge, and from the metro station "Heroes of Dnepr" shop "Absolute" near the bazaar. On weekends, bus runs every half an hour and on weekdays it all depends on how many passengers. The trip takes about 35 minutes.

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The zoo in Kyiv region were born white whelps.
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