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Waterpark "Limpopo", Ternopol


Waterpark "Limpopo" - the first and only water park in Ternopil . It is part of one of the most powerful family holiday complex "Alligator". The park is 2,700 square meters, at the same time there can rest up to 450 visitors.

Amusement Water Park "Limpopo"

The water park has 10 water slides. The length of the slides ranges from 3 to 33 m, height - from 1.5 to 10.5 m, so every adult and child will be able to find suitable entertainment for yourself:

  1. The most unusual attraction is the park - "black hole", the height of the indoor roller coaster is 12.5 m, and the length of the route - 160 meters. Inside, it is equipped with lighting effects, stereo sound and the ability to multiproigrovaniya because of this during the flight every tourist can not enjoy the beautiful game only sound, but also light.
  2. The second most popular slide - "Body slide." It is a little lower and shorter than the "black hole". Its height is 6.5 m, and the length of the route - 80 m, however, gives its visitors no less vivid emotions. It is also equipped with light effects and stereo sound.
  3. Gorki "Kamikaze" fully justifies its name. Their height is about 10.5 m, length of the route - 33 m, but the descent is so steep that a skating permitted only the most daring visitors over 12 years old.
  4. We thought the park and about the parents with young children and for them created the "family slide," whose height is 2.5 m, length - 20 m. Also for children is separate rides: "Octopus with umbrella", "Rabbit" and "Mushroom", which blows warm water fountains. In addition, many other complex functions fountains and cascades.

Services and activities

In addition to the rides in the park still operates many additional services:

  • in one of the pool is equipped with a special spa area, which is filled with all kinds of existing hydro and aeromasazha;
  • The complex has a Turkish bath, a dry sauna and a traditional Russian;
  • Also the water park visitors have a great opportunity to take advantage of the solarium;
  • It runs a beauty parlor;
  • gym;
  • specialty coffee shop "Limpopo".

A team of professional consultants and animators give every child an unforgettable moments of joy. Security in the park provides a team of trained rescuers.


Park "Limpopo" is part of the entertainment complex "Alligator", in addition to the park is included here:

  • hotel
  • restaurant
  • tourist agency,
  • spa,
  • fitness center and more.

The park has 10 water slides, two of the attraction, as well as three pools of different depths: 150 cm, 90 cm and 30 cm. In the adult pool for sports training has several tracks in length of 25 meters each.

How to get to the waterpark "Limpopo"

Recommended directions: Mikulinetskoy the street to get to the point where it turns into the street and turn on Zamonastirskuyu Gaeva. Before the park can be reached by bus number 5.

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