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By Gogol places: Kyiv - Poltava


Тур из: Полтава

Тур в: Київ - Полтава - Гоголеве - Миргород - Великі Сорочинці

Let's go by Gogol places: from Kyiv to Poltava, then from Dykanka to Gogolevo and from Velyky Sorochyntsy to Myrhorod. That's a great journey to old ukrainian cities and small misterious villages.

In English, German and other languages:

Price for individual groups 1-3 persons - 90$

Price for 1 person in group 4-6 pax - 40$

Ukrainian/Russian language excursion -20% from prices

The tour is available in Russian, English, German and other languages.

Програма туру:


Об`єкти цього дня: Київ


Об`єкти цього дня: Полтава

Gogolevo - Velyky Sorochyntsy - Myrhorod

We have breakfast, check out from the hotel and set off on the road. The first on our way is with Dykanka. This is a small world with it's worries and joys, shrouded in legends and stories. She is unique, hospitable and mysterious. Every corner of it is saturated with this mystery - and it excites, interests and attracts to itself. It seems that it is here that the real and the impossible are intertwined, the sacred and the sinful, the past and the modern. 

Gogolevo - here the childhood and youth years of Mykolay Gogol passed, he came here in different years to his mother and sisters. Having become acquainted with the estate, we move to the legendary and well-known to everyone with Velyky Sorochyntsy. It is here that the Sorochinskiy Fair will be held! The Sorochinskiy Fair is not just a major trade festival at which leading enterprises from Ukraine and other countries present their products. This is also a vivid theatrical performance with the participation of heroes of the works of M. Gogol and folklore groups, as well as an extensive concert and entertainment program. In addition, M.V. Gogol was born and baptized here, about whose life we ​​learn even more interesting facts. 

We move to the city of Myrhorod, where a delicious lunch awaits us. After lunch, we get acquainted with one of the oldest settlements of Left-Bank Ukraine - the city of Myrhorod. 

After an interesting excursion, we go back to Kyiv.  

Об`єкти цього дня: Музей-заповідник Миколи Гоголя, Гоголеве , Миргород , Великі Сорочинці

У вартість туру входить:

- excursions along the route;

- tour guide;

- entrance tickets;


By Gogol places: Kyiv - PoltavaФото:

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