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Attractions Trykraty

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Trykratsky Forest
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с. Трикрати 56535, Вознесенський район, Миколаївська обл., Україна
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Trikratsky forest was planted by Count Skarzhinsky in the 70s of the 18th century. Spread artificial forest in the Mykolaiv region near the village resounded three times. This is a large park with a total area 247 hectares. It includes the tract "Vasilyeva apiary," "Summer Farm Skarzhinsky", ...
Manor Skarzhinsky
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с. Трикрати 56535, Миколаївська обл., Україна
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Many believe that in the villages there is nothing interesting, but the village resounded three times refutes this assertion. Here a great nature and fresh air. Even in the family estate located resounded three times Cossack family Skarzhinsky. The estate was built in the 18th century. Her first ...
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