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Stadium Chernomorets Odessa

Stadium Chernomorets Odessa

Central stadium "Chernomorets" Odessa - one of the largest stadiums in the south of Ukraine. It is designed purely for football matches. Its capacity can accommodate the stands of more than 34 000 people. The stadium "Chernomorets" has become a landmark not only for his native city, but the entire football country.

History stadium

The construction of the sports arena in Shevchenko Park was started in 1925. Inauguration of the stadium was named after Kosior 18 May 1936. This day was also remarkable that semi-final match of the championship was won by Ukraine Odessa team "Dinamo" team of the plant named after Lenin.

Stadium name changed repeatedly in Odessa:

  • from 1938 to 1944 arena was called the park, which housed - "Stadium Shevchenko Park";
  • from 1945 to 1957 was "Central stadium Harchovyk";
  • the following year was renamed the stadium "Avangard";
  • from 1959 to 2003 its name was "Central stadium NMP";
  • December 2003 was renamed the stadium "Chernomorets".

During the war due to bombing Arena was severely ruined. Restoration work began in 1945. The same year the stadium was transferred to the publication "Harchovyk." Restoring held for nearly two years, were completed in 1947, but 1946 was already held match postwar Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk teams.

March 28, 2007 in the sports arena was the first official match of the national team. The bout was held between the national teams of Ukraine and Lithuania within qualifying tournament of "Euro-2008".

November 19, 2011 after restoration work was inaugurated the stadium "Chernomorets".

Architecture sports facilities

During the construction of the stadium was used unique architectural façade solutions that partially follows the architecture of the historic buildings of the city.

During the year held active construction. In the pit dug 62 cubic kilometers of land, and more than 127 cubic kilometers of concrete used for frame construction.

Features of the stadium

The stadium "Chernomorets" impresses with its size. The area covers the entire territory of 13 square kilometers. Its height from pitch level to the highest point is 31 meters. Most of the stands being protected from precipitation. The stadium "Chernomorets" places on the territory of three sports halls:

  • for gymnastics;
  • fitness;
  • Boxing.

Also in the sports arena created pool length of 25 meters of seawater.

Interesting Facts

  • Less than an hour can fill a stadium tribune.
  • Enough about 7 minutes to evacuate all the spectators.

Getting there

The stadium "Chernomorets" Odessa is located in the historic city center, Shevchenko Park , on the street Marazliyivska. In parallel street cable routes passing bus number 9, 137 and 223. Stop - "Zhukovsky Street."


Tours and excursions

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